Peace in the Mideast

Ever wish you could whisper in the president's ear? Give him advice on issues plaguing the nation? Well, here's your chance to tell the world what you would do if you were president of the United States. Twice weekly, we'll ask our readers a question about an issue facing the nation and post your responses here.

Today's topic:

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is meeting with President Bush in Washington today. Olmert, who met with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice last night, would like the U.S.'s endorsement of his ambitious plan to draw his nation's final borders with the Palestinians within two years by pulling tens of thousands of Israeli settlers out of large chunks of the West Bank. Read more.

If you were president, what would you do to help bring peace to the Mideast?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"I would move the country of Israel to the U.S and give them California. I'm sure the economy would get better, and I know the Israelis would take care of the illegal immigration problems too." — Lawson (Theus, GA)

"If someone attacked and bombed the U.S.A. at every chance it got and swore to kill us all, could any nation or U.N. pressure us to give those same people some of our United States? Of course not, so why has our policy been to pressure Israel to give up what is rightfully theirs? America, do not turn your back on Israel. Mr. President, please stand by Israel, and do not compromise." — J.C.

"As long as the entire Arab world is bent on the destruction of the nation of Israel, there is absolutely no chance of peace in the Middle East. The president is just a man and does not have any magical solutions to the underlying problems in this region of the Earth. The best thing he can do is pray for heavenly intervention." — Rick

"I would stop trying to dictate to Israel about their borders, since they seem to be doing a heck of a lot better than we are at securing them." — Dale

"Regarding the ongoing issues in Israel, if I were president, I don't know what I would do. I would do a great deal of praying for God's direction, and then I would do my best to make the right decisions, for all involved, based on all evidence, and all good advice at hand, and then I would enforce those decisions with dedicated commitment for the benefit of the country I protect and defend. In short, I would do what President Bush is doing, but I don't envy his current position. I am glad the president is in the position he is in, and I am where I am: on the sidelines supporting him. Keep it up, President Bush!" — Stan

"I would encourage the Israeli government to take control of the Temple Mount, build their temple next to the Dome of the Rock, and force the Arabs to live side-by-side with the Israelis. It is the Israelis' land anyway. If the Arabs do not want to lose any more land, then maybe they should quit trying to attack Israel into non-existence. Every time the Arabs attack, they lose land. Why should the Israelis consider giving any of it back? If I were president, I'd tell Israel to take care of itself by insulating itself from further attacks, not make themselves more vulnerable by giving away more land. That is certainly not the answer." — Bradley (Odessa, TX)

"First, I would let Israel do what they need to do to gain respect if it's even yet possible. Second, I would let the world know that I will stand behind them and do my best to get the rest of the world to do the same. The U.N. needs to take a strong stand against countries that want to do away with the little country.Just becuase of jealousy." — Steve (Buffalo, NY)

"If I were president, I would not get into a appeasement policy of land-for-peace, because the Palestinians don't want to compromise with Israel; they just want the land, period. Israel will need to treat the Palestinians as we did the American Indians (who also didn't want compromise) and give them reservations on the Sinai Peninsula. This would give Israel sovereignty over them and keep them a distance from Jerusalem. Whatever was promised to Abraham by Jehovah must be maintained for sustained peace." — Warren (KY)

"Total withdrawal. Tell Israel to do whatever it thinks it has to do to defend itself. We should wash our hands of the whole ignorant mess. Our presence and involvement is just an irritant." — Bob (Illinois)

"The nation of Israel should have wiped out their enemies eons ago as God directed them in the Old Testament. Just let them slug it out, and may the best one win!" — Frank (Texas)

"There can be no peace until Israel controls the land including Gaza, the West Bank and all of Jerusalem, and all territory rightfully captured as a result of the Arabs trying to destroy them in the first place. I would keep it simple and not negotiate with the Palastinians at all, as they are nuts and have no right to the land. They should be driven into their neighboring Arab countries who refused to accept them in the first place and used them to incite chaos against Israelis, leading us into this current conflict." — Jim (Acton, MA)

"Absent the Kodak moments of previous commanders, Bush's relatively hands-off approach with Israel and 'Palestine' has pushed both parties toward the middle. The best answer, controversial as it is, is for a local Middle Eastern flavor of democracy." — Ken

"As protector of the State of Israel, I suggest that America carve out a place within our borders to accommodate God's chosen people. It would resolve the issue once and for all. Israel would never again have to fear for it's existence; it would be safe and secure forevermore. Furthermore, by default, America would be blessed immeasurably! Otherwise, it comes down to America conquering enemy-states of Israel and establishing an American-Israeli territory. With America firmly rooted in the Middle East with Israel, the matter of discontent would become mute. That's it in a nutshell — throw out the politics and do what you gotta do!" — Steve (Brookings, SD)

"They have been fighting in the Middle East since the beginning of civilization, and no president, from this country or any other, is going to change that fact. Before Israel, Arab tribes fought against each other. After the re-establishment of Israel, the Muslims thought that they had found a common enemy to fight against, although that was only on the surface and even this catalyst was not sufficient to bring about true unification. Tribal and sectarian hatreds that have been created and built up over centuries are not going to be changed by anything diplomatic. That should be painfully obvious with sectarian violence in Iraq. Peace in the Middle East is only going to be realized when they've finally killed each other off." — Mike (Rockford, IL)

"I would pay attention to what the Bible says about the land that God gave to Israel in the Old Testament, and quit trying to influence Israel to give part of it away. I just don't understand why President Bush doesn't realize that." — Celia (Pittsboro, NC)

"I would do absolutely nothing. Those people enjoy killing each other and it's none of our business." — Buck (Oregon)

"If I were president, I would cut aid to both sides of that conflict and impose strict sanctions against both till they came to their senses and stopped killing each others children. Violence begets violence. Bulldozing a suicide bomber's family home will just create more hatred and justify the revenge of still more terrorist acts. Using missles fired from helicopters and jets to assassinate wrongdoers just guarantees innocent civilians will be killed. Suicide bombers also target innocent people, but until the people rise up and say, 'No more, this must stop. We will tolerate it no more,' it will continue. The people can no longer leave it in the hands of the government to do what we as indivduals can only accomplish on a personal level; seek peace with our neighbors, even if it means risking our lives to do it." — Jay

"To promote peace in the Middle East, the first thing I would do is recognize the current Palestinian government. What good is preaching about democracy and then denying recognition to a democratically elected government because we don't agree with them? The second thing I would do is to cut off all aid to Israel. That would at least provide an additional measure of peace to the United States, we would be less of a target of radical Islamic groups. The third thing I would do is to somehow get both sides to honor the 'roadmap' to peace put together for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This includes helping the Israeli ministers get rid of all the illegal settlements." — Sharon (Iowa)

"I would encourage Hamas and the Palestinians to go ahead and fight it out with each other to the bloody end. Then I would recommend to Israel to go in full force afterwards and get rid of whats left. Then and only then will there be peace." — Chuck (Indianapolis, IN)

"I would combine forces with Israel and wage total war on the world's terrorists. I would jump on any opportunity to spread freedom through out the Middle East." — James (U.S. Navy, retired, Tempe, AZ)

"I would back the Israelis 1000 percent and let the world know that we do not speak with a forked tongue. We believe in freedoms, we believe in roper and untainted democracy and we stand by our allies. We will never bow to religious fanatics or terrorists. Egypt did not want the Gaza Strip back with the Sinai and Jordon did not want the West Bank in it's peace treaty with Israel — the world and Israel have learned why. If Israel can not find a peace partner to work with, it is certainly their prerogative to walk away from these areas. Isn't it amazing that the Palestinian's murdered when they felt they were being 'occupied,' and now they are murdering more that the Israelis are pulling out!" — Bret (Radnor, PA)

"Realizing that there may never be peace in the Middle East, I would set up timetables for the formation of governments in Iraq. When those deadlines are reached, I would withdraw all troops from foreign soil. Then I would use those troops to secure our borders and take the stance that any country who attacks Israel, or any other ally, will be dealt with in a swift, decisive manner. We have dealt with these fanatics long enough. Time to cut our losses." — Elton (Kapowsin, WA)

"If I were president, I would realize that peace in the Mideast can only be attained by the countries involved. The U.N. should be the platform that countries use to working out their problems; unfortunately, the U.N. is too concerned about individual countries and goals, and they are afraid to offend any one country. Consequently, they do not take anyone to task." — Vicki

"Regarding peace in the Middle East, regardless of how powerful your military is or how swiftly your military can defeat its enemy, a war will not end and an enemy will not stop fighting until his will to fight has been broken. Winning hearts and minds will not break their will. Surgical strikes will not break their will. Unrelenting, unforgiving brutality will break the enemy's will to fight. The general population of which the enemy comes from must be made to realize the futility of struggle. They must give in, they must give up, they must surrender their will to fight." — D.A.

"I must admit, I would probably be a pretty unpopular president if I had the post. I would pretty much retrace the steps of George W. Bush — kick butt and count the costs later. I would not be afraid to spend my capital on the right choices for America, not worrying about what popular opinion or political correctness had influence over." — Brendon

"I would finish the barrier fence dividing the Palestinians and Israel. I would isolate the Gaza Strip and cut off all support and funds from Hamas. I would take restrictions off of Israel and let them defend their nation. If anyone would step forward to support Israel and to defeat Hamas and terrorist groups, I would provide aid to that country as long as they supported Israel and their right to exist." — Kenny (McKinney, TX)