Bullock Seeks Extension of Stay-Away Order

Sandra Bullock wants a judge to extend a 2003 stay-away order against a man she accuses of stalking her across three states, according to court documents.

Thomas James Weldon's failure to appear to rebut Bullock's allegations resulted in Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon issuing a default judgment against him on June 6, 2003.

Weldon, 37, was ordered to stay 200 yards from the actress and to not contact her for three years.

Bullock wants the keep-away order extended because it expires June 5.

Judge Marion Johnson is slated to consider the extension at a hearing on May 31.

Bullock, 41, whose court papers describe her as an "actress, writer, director, producer and music composer," said in a court declaration that she and Weldon were never acquainted.

"I do not know defendant, I have never met him and I have never communicated with him nor voluntarily accepted any communication from him," she said.

Bullock has alleged Weldon followed her from Michigan to Texas and California. She said he also sent her e-mails and faxes and left voice mail messages with her and her family, all "indicating he wants to have a relationship with her."

Weldon, who voluntarily entered the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute in Nashville just before the 2003 order, has "admitted a serious psychological disorder (paranoid schizophrenia) for which he has often refused to take medication," according to a statement by Bullock's attorney, Edwin F. McPherson, included in court papers.

McPherson said the hospital is planning to allow Weldon a 90-day furlough in September, and that he believes Weldon remains fixated on his client. McPherson said Monday he did not know of any attorney for Weldon.

One of Bullock's most recent films, "Crash," won the Academy Award for best motion picture of 2005.