Your Grrrs: May 23, 2006

Your Grrrs, and don't forget to play Spot the Oblivion below...

Sue R. writes: I would rather read about an alligator attack than Britney and her child stories. Riding on lap, riding in car seat wrong way, fell from high chair, almost dropped him. Who cares?

Jack in Florida: I've lived in Florida for over 25 years, continuously for the last 19. I'd like some information about people "killed by deer." You seem to be referring to people in fatal driving accidents who lose control of their vehicles after hitting a deer or lose control avoiding a deer. Correct? Are you also adding people who die in hunting accidents during deer-hunting season? Florida deer are small and reclusive. They weigh less than most of the humans that hunt them. I have never heard of a Florida deer attacking a human being.

Sahmek in New York: Is [Fred in cyberspace] another find the Oblivion? Maybe if Fred and his wife ... or even Fred or his wife, focused more on what their kid needed and not what work "needed," the child's genetics wouldn't have taken "precedence." How sad that not only can stupid people breed, but that stupid people can adopt.

A concerned mom weighs in: Lest Fred be fried due to his point of view about his adopted child. We too adopted both of our children and what he says is true. You cannot always fight against nature with nurture. It's a noble idea, and one I embraced wholeheartedly at the time we adopted our children. But my daughter, sadly, is following in the same footsteps her birth mother walked in, and she's never even met her. The two lifestyles between my husband and myself as opposed to her birth mother's are like night and day, yet she persists in making the same types of decisions and causing all manner of drama. While some people may want to blame the adoptive parents or claim we're copping out, that's not entirely true. And just so you know, I love my daughter with all of my heart and soul and will not abandon her but I have found it necessary to "allow her to make her mistakes and suffer her consequences." It is my only hope of helping her to truly straighten out.

Tom from Canal Winchester, Ohio: My latest Grrr is that while at a local festival there was a giant inflatable children's slide that was a recreation of the Titanic sinking. Kids climbed to the top and slid down the sinking ship. How long before kids are sliding down a recreation of the World Trade Center collapsing? Grrr!

Jared from Kansas: Grrr! to the Obliviot I saw at the park yesterday. The sign obviously says "Do not feed the ducks." You looked at it, you growled some incomprehensible gibberish (possibly something like "this is the dumbest rule in the world") then you proceeded to assist your young daughters in breaking the rules. Now I don't care about the ducks ... they're fat, they're happy — like most Americans. What I care about is the example you're setting for your children. You are teaching them that rules only apply to you if they make sense. Good parenting there. I can't wait to see what your children become after they grow up and realize that the rules you set forth make no sense to them. I hope it was worth it.

Tom M. in New Jersey: Rand Il [last column], you define what an obnoxious fanatic is. Where do you come up with a bogus claim that America is becoming more conservative and Hillary doesn't stand a chance? You do know that Secretary Rice is moderately pro-choice? And how is being pro-choice being pro-abortion? I guess you're too busy downloading right-wing talking points memos to pay attention to the Democratic platform, which is, "safe, legal and RARE." I also guess that when you live in a fantasy world in which pro-choice Americans actually celebrate the killing of the unborn, logic doesn't mean much. And pro-gay? I'll take that as meaning she doesn't obsess over gays non-stop. Good for her.

Greg B. in Bluefield, W. Va: To Rand Il — OK, buddy, you think America is becoming more conservative? Nations don't get more conservative over time, they get more liberal, and you're living in a dream world. I guess that explains all of the polls showing people now think homosexuals have a right to adopt kids or serve in the military if they want to, or the polls showing Dems whomping Republicans this fall. But it's not your fault, the way Bush is governing and infuriating Americans left and right. This country may very well be a pit of raving communists by the time he leaves office.

Melissa on 'American Idol': I can't believe how much the media and "Idol" judges dislike Katharine. Yet she still made it to the top two, didn't she? She's one of the most if not the most gorgeous contestant yet on "American Idol." And for Pete's sake, she just turned 22. People tend to forget that. Yes, she still has some things to learn. But come on, give her a break.

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