Global Warming: The Debate Continues — Related Websites

The following is a list of some of the websites used during the research of the FOX News Channel special "Global Warming: The Debate Continues," airing Sunday, May 21st at 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. ET.

Check out these blogs by guests who appeared in the special:

Roger Pielke, Jr.'s Climate Change Blog — Daily news and science commentary.

Roger Pielke, Sr.'s Research Group Blog — Science commentary and discussion.

Pat Michael's Climate Change Blog — Discussion on science and media coverage.

Fight Global Warming Hysteria — Debate and discussion of whether recent global warming public service announcements are irresponsible.

U.S. Government Climate Vision — Information about research collaborations and other voluntary industry actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

Thomas Jefferson's Weather Records — The founding father's personal records, including weather data between 1776 and 1818.

Little Ice Age in Europe — History and data from the "Little Ice Age" in Europe, which occurred between A.D. 1150 and A.D. 1460.

The Cooling World — Newsweek article from April 28, 1975 warning of another impending ice age.

What You Can Do — The U.S. EPA has recommendations for ways individuals can reduce their own contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. does not endorse content on external sites.