Mexico Threatens U.S. With Border Crisis Lawsuit

Sometimes I’m a bit slow to catch on, so bear with me because I’m baffled. The Mexican government is threatening to file lawsuits in the United States against the U.S. government if the government uses U.S. National Guard troops to enforce U.S. law.

What? We can’t use our own forces to enforce our own law in our own country? I keep forgetting that the Mexican president is a good friend of ours. Maybe something was lost in translation....

In my beloved state of Texas, they are doing something that shocks folks in other states, especially on the East Coast. See, out in parts of West Texas there are more buzzards than people. The state Department of Transportation studied the speed at which people were driving on two straight, remote highways and found the average was 79 mph. They are suggesting raising the speed limit there to 80 mph. Some are having a fit, claiming speed kills. It does, but it is not the speed you drive but rather varying speeds that kill. Studies show if people are driving 35 mph and 55 mph on the same road you will have more accidents than if everyone is driving 55 mph or 65 mph or 75 mph. It is people driving at different speeds on the same road that causes more accidents. Little reported fact, but true.

Finally, Dr. Rice, the Secretary of State, released her favorite jams. They include Cream (Sunshine of My Mind), Aretha Franklin (Respect), Elton John (Rocket Man), and something from a guy in Russia, which she says is the greatest opera ever written. She had me until the last one. Now, I’m heading home to study my opera!

See you in the morning.


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