Fighting in East Afghan Mountains Kill Four

Militants attacked a police post and a government office Tuesday and a gun battle later broke out on Afghanistan's rugged eastern border with Pakistan, killing four people and injuring 13, officials said.

The U.S.-led coalition, meanwhile, said an airstrike on a suspected enemy camp in Uruzgan province in south-central Afghanistan on Monday killed at lest four militants.

CountryWatch: Afghanistan

The militant attacks on the government facilities occurred in the mountains in Khost province, said an area police commander, Wazir Badshah. He blamed Taliban rebels for the violence.

Two of those killed in the attack on the police post and government office were police while the other two were insurgents, Badshah said.

The body of one of the slain militants was found to have explosives strapped to it, Badshah said.

Four police were injured, a statement from the Interior Ministry said.

The fighting raged for about an hour before the militants fled, leaving behind some machine guns and rocket launchers, Badshah said.

In a neighboring district, a gun battle between militants and police left eight police and a civilian wounded, the Interior Ministry said.

Violence has been increasing in Afghanistan in the past year, raising fears for this country's nascent democracy and leaving swaths of southern and eastern regions off-limits to aid workers.