America's Immigration Problem

Ever wish you could whisper in the president's ear? Give him advice on issues plaguing the nation? Well, here's your chance to tell the world what you would do if you were president of the United States. Twice weekly, we'll ask our readers a question about an issue facing the nation and post your responses here.

Today's question:

If you were president, what would YOU do to keep immigrants from entering the United States illegally? And what would you do about the illegal immigrants already in our country?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I would build an electric fence on the border. Then I would put troops (tanks and helicopters) on the border to stop anyone that would try come in the country illegally. What Bush is proposing is not going to do anything to stop the flow of illegal aliens. I would build tent cities in the desert, just like Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. There, I would have the illegal aliens processed and checked to see if they are terrorists, and if they are clean, I would have the border patrol deport them back to their native country." — Carlos

"If I were president, I would increase the funding and implement training for the Border Patrol, thereby eliminating the need to use our military for law enforcement — something they were never meant to do. I'd also fulfill my sworn duty as our nation's chief executive to uphold our laws, rather than carve out a special exception for a category of lawbreakers by giving them 'amnesty.'" — Melissa

"Mr. President, if I were you I would pack up Laura and the two dogs in the SUV and head back to Crawford. Because it doesn't matter what you might try to get accomplished concerning illegal immigration — with senators like Durbin and Pelosky, your damned if you do and damned if you don't." — Jack (Bullard, TX)

"I would beef up the border, send more National Guardsmen, use the Minutemen and begin construction of a underground sensory fence that would allow us to know when a group of illegals crossed the border. I'd make it a felony to hire them, a felony to aid them in crossing, and a felony to cross the border. Let us not forget, it is not just hard-working families crossing the border, it is criminals, drug-traffickers, and terrorists." — Ben (New Bern, NC)

"Remember the Great Depression? When America sucked to live in and everyone was poor and out of work? Did we sneak into other countries to solve our problems? No, we fixed our own country through hard work. It's time these Mexicans take pride in their own country and do something to make it a better place. Quit running away from your problems; take ownership of them. " — Brad

"If I were president I would allow all illegal immigrants to register with the United States within 30 to 60 days. Registration forms would be easily available at post offices, government offices, and Internet sites, and these registrations would require fingerprinting. I would have the government keep a database of this fingerprinting process as well. Then, once the forms were registered and processed, if any immigrants were arrested or had a criminal history, I would deport them immediately. The registration forms would be processed through the normal process of immigration, meaning STAND IN LINE! If they had to hire an attorney do do the forms on their behalf, fine — however, in the meantime, if people did not register nor carry proof of registration, they would be rounded up and deported immediately." — Margie (Port Orange, FL)

"Security first. Criminals should be deported immediately. Amnesty for those here over three years, if they register with in six months and learn English. Those less than three years would be a case-by-case basis. Those here less than a year would have to return from the last known place of origin." — Bob (Ocala, FL)

"The federal government absolutely must reimburse the states for all of their costs associated with illegal immigrants, especially hospital and law enforcement costs." — John (Tucson, AZ)

"It's time that our government representatives put the U.S.A. and its people first instead of worrying what other countries might think of THEM. If I were president, I would send our National Guard and, if necessary, our Military to guard our southern border. I would give them the right to enforce our laws in any manner necessary. The only rights illegal aliens have are to go back to Mexico." — Lenna (CO)

"I would require an ID from any immigrant, legal or illegal, in order to purchase a money order to send money back to Mexico. If they don't register, they can't support their families back home. I would also banish all foreign language usage except English." — Paul

"I would arrest all the illegals we could find, and then I'd make them build a fence along the border. After they were done doing that, I'd deport them." — Pam (Sugar Land, TX)

"If I were president, I surely wouldn't make the boneheaded move to burden our already stretched and strained National Guard with the responsibility to control our borders. Bush's poorly planned war in Iraq has already burdened them and now he wants to repay them with this? That's not the kind of welcome that these men and women deserve. What would I do? I would listen to Mexico, and to the governors of the border states, and come up with a solution that both sides can work with." — Maxine (Austin, TX)

"It is a complicated issue. We are having a healthy debate on this very serious problem. I am a Republican, but do not totally agree with the right's solution." — Kim

"I would triple the size and funding for the Border Patrol and the Coast Guard. I would also build a secure wall and develop secure, tamperproof identification. I would enable employer’s efforts to check the IDs and I would severely prosecute employers who employ illegals (including corporate employers land homeowners who hire workers illegally). I would also veto any spending bill that Congress would bring to my desk." — Richard (Hampton Bays, NY)

"I would increase the quota for legal immigration. We have to reward first those law-abiding people outside of the country who are waiting in line for their visa to be available before looking for the welfare of those who broke the law by overstaying here. If we are to legalize those 12 million illegals, we have to give 12 million visas to those waiting in line to be given a visa." — Isagani (Los Angeles, CA)

"I would secure the border and enforce the current laws. If people are here illegally, then they need to be penalized and not rewarded. As a citizen and immigrant I am penalized if I break any laws. I expect the government to take responsibility for the lack of border control and lack of enforcement." — Nadia (Missouri City, TX)

"I would first offer to the people of Mexico the opportunity to become the 51st state in our union. If not, I would put a secure wall on our Mexican borders. I would only allow for a few immigration stations to be set up. People would be allowed to enter, but only after being held in this station for three months. During that time, they would work to pay for the care provided for them. They would work for the government, much like prisoners do. While in holding, they would have a background check. They would be 'processed' (i.e. finger printed, DNA samples taken, etc.) and watched." — Stan (Atlanta, GA)

"I would build a fence be along the border topped with razor ribbon, and then a second fence 100-feet inside the other fence, also topped with razor ribbon. The area between the two fences should be laced with concertina wire and movement detectors. This way the border agents could get to the site and capture these illegals. They should then be instantly moved to a gated staging area to Mexico, making them Mexico's problem. They did not stop the non Mexicans at their borders, so let them bear the cost of getting them back to their countries of origin." — Daniel

"I would repeal the law that makes you a U.S. citizen if born in the U.S. They are a citizen of their mother's country. It’s an old law that has run its course and not required anymore." — Jim (Great Falls, VA)

"I would give them all safe passage into U.S. Then, I would put them into a combat uniform and send them to Iraq. If they come back alive I would grant them citizenship." — Lou (Macon, GA)