Trouble on the Border

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Monday night's show is "on the road" tonight at one of our nation's borders. President Bush addresses the nation tonight at 8 p.m. ET [Editor's note: watch the speech LIVE right here on FNC] about immigration and so we have gone to one of the main entrances to this country from Mexico. We figured that it would be a good night to actually bring you to the story.

We spent several hours with the Border Patrol on Sunday night. Late into the night we drove and walked the border... we shot lots of video so we will show it to you tonight.

One thing we saw last night was the human smugglers watching the Border Patrol, trying to find the perfect time to quickly smuggle humans over the border. The smugglers routinely sit in their cars on the border, just watching. We watched them monitor the Border Patrol. The human smugglers are quite bold, sitting in their cars spying on the Border Patrol.

Tomorrow, I will post some pictures from our time late last night with the Border Patrol. The pics show the two fences that separate the USA from Mexico in the immediate area of San Diego and Tijuana. Illegals jump the southernmost fence, run across a space — that can be 100 yards or so — and then scale the second fence. They drag a ladder across the area, which the Border Patrol then pick up. We saw one of those ladders and it is shown in one of the pics. We also watched a smuggler watch the Border Patrol. The smuggler sat in a van on the Mexico side of the southernmost fence waiting for the Border Patrol to move so that he could give the signal to illegals to begin their effort at getting over the first and then second fence. People often get injured falling from the second fence (and in USA territory.) The hurt (e.g. broken bones from falling) are abandoned by those who make it safely. The Border Patrol attend to the injured and send them to the hospital.

Now for some of your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I appreciate your making it perfectly clear on your broadcast tonight the distinction between the Warren Jeffs ' "church" and the LDS church. Your competitor, CNN, repeatedly showed the Salt Lake City Temple of the LDS church prominently in the background of their broadcast last evening, giving the indication to unknowledgeable viewers that the two are one and the same. I will never watch CNN again and as far as I'm concerned, you have no competitors... you're the only network! Thank you for being honest.

ANSWER: It is extremely important that we all exercise caution in reporting this story and not get sloppy. FLDS and LDS (Mormons) are not the same. Incidentally, Mormons do not practice polygamy — it was banned by the Mormon Church in the 1800s. The FLDS is a group that separated from the Mormon Church more than 100 years ago. We also must be careful to note that not all members of FLDS are criminals unless they themselves violate the law. It is reckless to suggest everyone in a group is a criminal, we need to look at individuals and individual conduct. And yes, each person suspected of violating the law should be arrested and given a trial.

E-mail No. 2

I have been a faithful viewer of your program as I have felt you were "fair" and "generous" with people. However, that said, I am very disappointed with your panel member Bernie Grimm and his blatant slams against the Catholic Church.
First the "weird" things the Jews and the Catholics do. And tonight, "I don't know what God the Catholics and these other sects believe in...."

Give over, I for one am sick of it. There are 1.1 billion of us to happen to believe in this, our Lord's Church. We happen to love our faith and find these attacks hurtful and even hateful. You all ought to read a little Church history, you may be surprised to learn we are 2000 years old. Try the early Church Fathers, you'll discover we haven't changed our beliefs since Our Lord instituted the Church.
I realize everyone has freedom of speech, but HURTFUL? I actually thought better of your program than to have to worry about being offended. Rest assured, I'll not be again.
Colonel Mary Lou Havens
Helotes, TX

ANSWER: Bernie can defend or explain himself better than I can — and I need not here. But, I do know Bernie is a devout Catholic. Perhaps you misunderstood him? Or he did not accurately get his point across to you? I forgot what Bernie said, but I do know that he was raised Catholic and still practices his faith.

E-mail No. 3

On your show tonight one of the attorneys said that polygamy was going on in Oklahoma City. Where exactly? We live here and didn't know there was a group here that was like that.

ANSWER: Who said Oklahoma City??? Which one of them? Frankly, I thought I heard that, but was hoping I was imagining it. Now I won't be able to go to Oklahoma City!!!

E-mail No. 4

On Friday's show you became much too aggressive when interviewing the attorney that didn't want to disclose his client's location during the murder of his employer.
David Olson

E-mail No. 5

Subject: Greta Van Susteren — A Poser?
Mrs. Van Susteren
I am a huge fan of yours; I watch your show every night and read your blog on a regular basis on your Web site. Tonight, I went to to see if you were a member, so I could see if you post anything that covered news, etc. There were about 4 or 5 "Greta Van Susterens," but only one had a picture of you posted. I don't think this is your site, since nothing about news has been written. Here is the link in case you are curious.
Patrick Thompson
Hot Springs, AR

ANSWER: To answer your question: I am not on (although, coincidentally I went there on Thursday after someone who works for Mike Tyson told me that he uses it for business and wanted to show me how people use it for business. I got about 10 minutes into it and then quit. I had to go back to doing my work for the show.) So yes, the four or five Greta Van Susterens are imposters.

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
Between you and I — that first e-mail about the "thank you?" was kinda crazy! I would have never thought of that — about the thank you thing, who cares!? It's your show and you can say whatever you want, however you want. That's all a bit picky to me, no? Love the show and hope your next video camera is better than the last!
Atlanta, GA

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta! I wanted to put my 2 cents in about Chris Daughtry and "American Idol." I watch the show and I'm a big fan... this season especially. I have not been voting and only tried for the first time recently. I tried to vote two weeks ago for Elliot and Chris but was never able to get through. My sister suggested I wait until close to the end of the two hours they give you. By that time, I've moved on to other things... like getting my son ready for bed, etc. I think the producers (or whomever is in charge) need to rethink how the voting is done or how it could be improved. What about voting online? I think the real reason Chris got the least votes is b/c everyone thought that everyone else was voting for him and that he didn't need their vote. They thought wrong. I don't think the show will have the high ratings it did have now that Chris is gone. Taylor is a nut and I just can't see him winning. Katherine has an amazing voice but is not consistent and usually picks odd song choices. Elliot is awesome and I hope he wins now that Chris is off the show. Do you think anything will be done with this kind of reaction to the loss of Chris on the show? Thanks for having Ace on the show...twice. It was a nice change for your show. I know Ace and Chris will be big stars without winning "American Idol"!
Misty P
La Porte, TX

E-mail No. 8

You keep mentioning all the Ace Young fans, I shouldn't even waste my time (or yours) with this, but, I do watch "American Idol," and I have to say that I was utterly and entirely un-impressed with Ace Young. Yes, he's cute and perhaps a wonderful person as well, but, I did not enjoy the majority of his vocal performances — at all.
Thousand Oaks, CA

E-mail No. 9

Hi, Greta,
Just have to write. For several years I watched religiously as the Peterson case unfolded and finally ended. I have to say, many a night I was totally angry with you. But it seems like you are making it up to me now — by doling out all of this wonderful Ace Young news. So, let's call a truce. You keep on bringing the Ace and I'll be happy. Seriously, thank you for showing another side of this special man! His work with the Childrens' Hospital, along with his wonderful brothers, is something that should be highlighted, rather than the more tawdry type of news stories we're faced with everyday. It's totally refreshing to have good news sometimes! Please keep it up — and lots of us will stay tuned in!
Linda Matson

E-mail No. 10

Hi Greta,
Ditto to the e-mailers who said that Ryan Seacrest was mean in the manner he is letting the contestants know they are voted out. It is extremely unkind.
The phone lines are definitely a problem. Chris Daughtry should never have been voted off the show. Kathryn McPhee expected to go. Ace Young being voted off was a big disappointment. Those two are the most talented that have ever been on the show.
Voters should be allowed to vote on the Internet along with phone calls. The busy signals have prevented me from voting several times. It is very frustrating.
Has anyone ever noticed that the public gets behind a contestant that Simon unduly criticizes? I have noted that several times.
Taylor Hicks has been earning his living as a professional performer. He should not have been allowed to compete. Besides that he is not as good as the two who were sent home. If he wins this I will never watch "American Idol" again.
I am pulling for Elliott now that Ace and Chris are gone.
Dorothy Chittenden
Mountain Home, AR

Finally, the following articles caught my attention:

Facing prison, former lawyer apparently kills self in Ocala

Snowmaking support may have prompted vandalism of mayor's car

Plane carrying Sen. Kennedy struck by lightning

Truckload of South Florida-bound mail destroyed in I-95 crash

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