Illegals Weigh Down House Race

The candidates jockeying for prominence in Arizona's 8th Congressional District race are no different from any other Republican or Democrat in America now arguing over the best way to fix the country's "broken borders" — except one.

They are vying to represent a district that is contending with thousands of non-Americans trying to sneak through its backyard every day. Read more.

If you lived in Arizona's 8th Congressional District, how would you vote?

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Here's what people in the news are saying:

"The people living here have been living with this for years. This issue will be front and center." — Randy Graf (R)

"Arizona Democrats want tough border enforcement and realistic, sensible immigration reform." — Matt Weisman, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party

"There's only one issue: It's immigration. We're on ground zero on that issue in respect to the rest of the country." — Mike Hellon (R)

Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"It may be a temporary fix to allow the National Guard to make an appearance on the border. I think the Guard should put up the fencing and walls, while the U.S. Coast Guard assists the U.S. Border Patrol. The Coast Guard already enforces customs, immigration, and maritime rescue and provides humanitarian services to people. The Coast Guard is already an agency in the Department of Homeland Security. So why not use the Coast Guard Reserve units since the National Guard has done several tours overseas along with the Coast Guard." — Jonathan (Atlanta, GA)

“I agree with Randy Graf. Any guest worker program is de facto amnesty. We need a large, effective and physical barrier with all the electronic sensing capabilities. We need to send back those illegal aliens that we find, punish the law breaking employers and remove all support programs except absolute emergency ones.” — David (Marlborough, MA)

“I would vote for anyone who supports closing our borders to illegal aliens. I truly believe a wall the whole length of the border is the only way to go. Then, I would start deportation of the 12 million plus illegals that are here in our country. I don’t care at all what Mexico thinks. Maybe if they had been more willing to work with us instead of against us things would be in better control. The illegal aliens need to go back to their country and put demands on their government — not ours and the taxpayers of this country. They have no rights here and demanding such is a total slap in our faces. Our politicians need to start caring about the people who have put them in office and stop supporting criminals.” — Doreen

“Just enforce the present laws.” — Donald

“I agree with Leonard. I no longer believe that the Republicans or the Democrats are representing the people. They are representing their cut of the pie and they are more concerned with greed and being corrupt than being statesmen.” — Dan (Clementon, NJ)

“I would vote for whichever candidate is willing to have the U.S. enforce our current immigration laws, using all the resources at our disposal.” — Brian (Saugerties, NY)

“I realize this will never happen, but what we need to do is vote a third party into office. The Republicans and Democrats have both proved themselves unworthy of running our country. I think Congress needs an overhaul, too. Any politician voting for amnesty, or in favor of, should be voted right out of office.” — Leonard (California)

“If I was a resident of Arizona, I would vote against amnesty. If a person wants to live in the U.S., they need to learn and use English as their everyday language and apply for citizenship, regardless of how long that may take. If this is distasteful to them, they need to go back to the country of their loyalty.” — Dennis

“If I lived there, I would be voting on Randy Graf and would also be signing up as a minuteman. This issue is greatly affecting our country and needs to be taken care of soon. We cannot give amnesty to someone that has come hear illegally. If we give amnesty, do you really think that people sneaking over the border will slow down?” — Bruce

“I would vote for the candidate that is most enthusiastic about enforcing the existing laws in this country. No new immigration laws are needed, just nationwide active enforcement of all those already on the books.” — Joseph (Palm City, FL)

“I live in Arizona and we are being invaded by illegals, so I am going to vote for the candidate who will enforce our immigration laws. We cannot even do business here anymore without having to deal people who do not speak English making it difficult to even do business. I can barely afford my own family, let alone theirs. I do not have a problem with others coming over here for a better life, but do it legally, pay taxes, learn English and stay off our social services until you become citizens. Instead of spending all this money on immigration issues, maybe our money would be better spent in aiding Mexico to become self-sufficient so their people don't have to come over here in droves.” — Sally

“I consider President Bush guilty of violating his oath of office and the constitution of the U.S. by taking all of this time to do even a little thing to stop illegal immigration. I consider all members of Congress guilty for blocking efforts to follow the law of our constitution for securing our borders.” — Rod

“I will not be voting for any politician who supports any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants. If there are ‘larger issues’ that I simply do not understand, then that's all the more reason for holding our politicians in contempt. It is up to them to help me understand why they are going over to Mexico and giving my hard earned tax dollars away. Their pandering, whining, hand wringing behavior is disgusting. Putting the military on the border is nothing short of window dressing. They will not be allowed to do a darn thing. Besides, our illustrious government leaders will be quick to tell the Mexican government exactly where each one will be. After all, we sure don't want them to be angry at us.” — Bill (Virginia)

“If American businesses weren't hiring illegal immigrants as a source of cheap labor, immigrants would have no reason to cross the border. We could put a stop to it simply by enforcing existing law against hiring illegals.” — Rebecca (Indianapolis, IN)

“I live in Arizona, though not in the 8th district. The majority of us here are fed up with the lack of action on the part of the local and federal government. Any politician not willing to stand up and see that our laws are being upheld will not be voted into office. There are a lot of Hispanic leaders in this state that are helping the illegal aliens in every way possible and trying to turn illegal immigration into a race issue. Let me set the record straight. The majority of us in Arizona opposed to illegal immigration are opposed to all illegal aliens being here whether from Ireland, Mexico, Romania, etc. This is not a race issue, it is an issue of illegal aliens being hired by unscrupulous companies and overrunning government programs designed for American citizens.” — Gary (Mesa, AZ)

“The politician that votes the illegals out is the one that gets the vote. Our elected officials are not listening to the majority of the citizens. They don't understand that these people came into the country by their own means and getting them back across the border should be just as easy. The president needs to put his foot down, announce they are subject to arrest and imprisonment, or leave immediately. No amnesty. I doubt he will do that, so we should get out in the streets to a strong message to Washington. We also need to get rid of each politician that votes to let the illegals stay. We then need to elect people willing to do the job.” — Joe (Wasilla, AK)

“I would agree that the National Guard and the army are a temporary solution. Ultimately, the decision resides with Mexico. Instead of solving their own problems they keep dumping their problems on us. These people need to be turned back whether Mexico wants them or not. However this should not apply to those of medical need or can prove persecution of any sort.” — Ian

“I think many Americans are ready to get off our butts and out of our stupor on this issue. We will start voting more and we will start looking at third party candidates. We, the people, run this nation and it is time to remind the out of touch politicians of that fact.” — E.A. (St. Louis, MO)

“Sending 5,000 National Guard members to protect the Mexico border without authority to arrest is a farce. This deployment is just a look good feel good trick. If the military cannot retain the illegals that have crossed the border, what is to stop them from entering the U.S.? Will the Border Patrol members be waiting somewhere to come and perform the arrest duties and follow through? It’s seems to me like a waste of time, energy, and manpower. The National Guard is not going to solve the problem unless they have increased authority to really protect our border.” — Pauline

“I see no reason for immigration reform. The system we have is fine. It just has to be enforced along with strengthening enforcement and control of the border. At this time, I do not know whom I would vote for because I do not know all the details of the immigration plans of the candidates. However, from what little I do know of the candidate’s plans, I would vote for Randy Graf.” — Bob (Ohio)

“I’m not sure what has made this issue so complicated. An illegal alien is exactly as it sounds, illegal. Those who hire ‘illegal aliens’ are doing so in conflict with our immigration laws. To help ‘illegal aliens’ to get home loans, grant them immunity, free health services, voting privileges and all the rest is an insult to those legitimate immigrants who when through the process, studied, leaned to speak English and became Americans. It is an insult to the American citizens to expect to financially support anyone who is in our sovereign country in conflict with our laws. To me, this is a simple matter. Fine, heavily, those who hire illegal aliens and watch how quickly they return home. I am very much in support of immigration and a supporter of the sovereign laws that are now in place, that regulate our population. An illegal alien should not be looked at as a bad person, rather a person who is trespassing. An illegal alien should not expect nor exercise any rights that we are blessed with until they go through the ‘legal’ process of becoming an American. The sheer numbers of illegal aliens doesn’t translate into immunity nor should their ‘demands’ be embraced. Go home and come back through the proper channels and accept the responsibilities that are expected from each American citizen. Politicians who believe that any form of amnesty is the proper course of action should be mindful of their constituents rather than the mainstream press/media.” — Stephen

“I'd vote for people promising to stop the influx of aliens and get those out who are already here. I don't care how difficult or unpopular, it must be done. I'm also for the guy who'll build a fence or call out the guard, or both. If we throw out a few who are legal, then let them present their case from Mexico and return if they show satisfactory proof.” — R.K. (Alabama)

“I would vote for the person who would enforce the immigration laws. Going through legal channels to enter the U.S. and become a citizen is immigration. Sneaking across the border in the middle of the night is not immigration. This is a non-issue, and I get so tired and angry hearing our politicians discussing it as if it is terribly complicated and unsolvable. It's simple. The vast majority of American citizens are not prejudicial, and have no problem with immigration, as long as it is done through existing legal channels. Why is that so hard to understand?” — Sam (Memphis, TN)

“I would vote for the candidate that is most enthusiastic about enforcing the existing laws in this country. No new immigration laws are needed, just nationwide active enforcement of all those already on the books.” — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

“I’ve had it with this nonsense. Arrogant politicians do not feel the need to lobby for those that vote based on their party affiliations. It is because of this that these politicians are actually going against the people in the hope of selling out (the U.S.) for votes from the illegal alien invaders from Mexico. We, the people, need to take a stand now and refuse to vote for any politician that even tries to appease the illegals. At the very least, every single illegal alien should spend one year in jail before being deported back to Mexico.” — Mike (Long Island, NY)