FOX News Quiz — Answers!

Check your answers to the news quiz below — correct answers are in red, and incorrect answers are in gray.

Question 1: On Monday, President Bush nominated General Michael Hayden to be the new director of the CIA, following Porter Goss' resignation last Friday. What was Hayden's former job?

A. Director of the National Security Agency
B. Chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
C. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
D. Director of National Intelligence

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Question 2: On Monday, a much-hyped stunt by magician David Blaine ended with him losing consciousness. His doctors say he also suffered liver damage and other bodily ailments. What did Blaine attempt to do?

A. Drink a 20-gallon martini and eat 100 olives in less than two hours.
B. Hang upside-down from the Empire State Building for seven days with no food or water.

C. Sit inside a water-filled globe for a week, and hold his breath for a record-breaking length of time.
D. Spend eight days living in the goat pen at a petting zoo, eating nothing but hay and oats.

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Question 3: On Thursday, President Bush made a speech in which he said that the U.S. government does not violate the privacy of ordinary Americans. What prompted him to make those remarks?

A. A push by insurance companies to require employers to screen workers for genetic disposition to certain diseases.
B. The release of new information suggesting that the NSA maintains a massive phone database with the calling patterns of millions of Americans.
C. Increased efforts by law enforcement officials to monitor Internet searches for child pornography and illegal drugs.
D. A backlash against a proposed bill that would create a national ID card system to combat illegal immigration.

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Question 4: On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced that it would raise interest rates for the 16th straight time in an effort to check inflation rates. With the hike of ¼ percent, what will the new Federal Interest Rate be?

A. 6.50%
B. 5.25%

C. 5.00%
D. 4.75%

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Question 5: This week, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was very outspoken about Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and his country's relationship with the rest of the world. Which of the following did he do this week?

A. Told a crowd in Indonesia that Israel is a “tyrannical regime that will one day be destroyed.”
B. Wrote a letter to President Bush asking why technological achieves in the Middle East are viewed as threatening.
C. Said in a speech that the threat of U.N. sanctions against Iran do not worry him.

D. All of the above.

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Question 6: On Thursday, a controversial new round-the-clock channel debuted on satellite provider DirecTV. What's the channel's name and what will it show?

A. BabyFirstTV — education programs targeted to infants.
B. Christian News Network — news from a Christian perspective.
C. Blood and Guts — close-up views of real surgeries in real time.
D. ConspiracyTV — investigations of everything from the Titanic to 9/11.

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Question 7: On Sunday, the FBI added 50-year-old Warren Jeffs of Arizona to their Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list. Who is he and what is he wanted for?

A. A “coyote” accused of smuggling more than 350 people across the U.S.-Mexico border.
B. A convicted serial killer who escaped from a maximum security prison in Phoenix.

C. A polygamist church leader accused of having sexual relations with multiple minors.
D. A fake plastic surgeon accused of performing multiple surgeries without a medical license.

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Question 8: On Tuesday, the results of a new study were released that showed the United States had a high infant mortality rate compared to most other developed nations. Which of the following countries had an infant mortality rate equal to that of the U.S.?

A. China
B. Ethiopia

C. Slovakia
D. Canada

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Question 9: On Thursday, FNC's William LaJeunesse went on an exclusive ride-along with an Arizona sheriff and his 250-person “posse,” which is drawing some intense criticism for unorthodox law-enforcement methods. What kind of law-breaker is the posse targeting?

A. Drug smugglers
B. Underage prostitution rings
C. Unlawful gambling rings

D. Illegal immigrants

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Question 10: On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 130 points amid uncertainty about inflation and surging oil prices. Earlier in the week, however, the Dow was close its highest-ever close. What value would it need to surpass to break that record?

A. 10,523 points
B. 12,069 points

C. 11, 722 points
D. 13, 958 points

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Bonus: On Tuesday's edition of “Hannity & Colmes,” Mary Cheney discussed her new book about her relationship with her family. In the book, Cheney writes about telling her father that she is gay. How did he respond?

A. He told her that he loves her and wants her to be happy.
B. He was awkward at first, but eventually came to accept it.
C. He was very unhappy and is still uncomfortable with her sexual orientation.
D. He said he would pray for her.

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How well did you score?

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3 to 5 questions right — Good Effort! You've been paying attention.
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