Play-Doh Commissions Play-Doh Cologne to Plug 50th Anniversary

Smells like Teen Spirit? Try Toddler Playground. To plug its 50th anniversary, Play-Doh, the aromatic modeling clay, has commissioned a cologne that smells just like ... Play-Doh.

As far as the fragrance maker's concerned, it's one big blast of nostalgia.

"We're about bringing everyday memories to life in a bottle," says Christopher Gale, founder of Demeter Fragrance Library, where eau de Play-Doh joins 170 other scents, including Dirt (which smells like a plowed field), Snow, Tomato and Fresh-Pumped Gasoline ("oddly enough, a lot of women requested that").

"To be honest, you may not want to wear it as a cologne," Gale says of his firm's singular sense-sation, "but you might just want to take it out of your purse or glove compartment now and then and just smell it.

"Why does a fragrance have to be about announcing yourself?"

Indeed. And why does it have to cost $19 an ounce — which is what the limited-edition, Play-Doh Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray sells for at and, soon to come, Sephora — when you can pick up a container of the real thing for about two bucks?