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The blog may be a bit shorter today — I sprained two fingers and it hurts to type. Don't ask — it was pretty stupid. And yes, my fingers are getting better, so the blog should be usual length tomorrow. I now type like my husband: two fingers to the keyboard.

On Friday night we did a segment on another claim of rape at Duke. It is unrelated to the lacrosse team players' case. We deliberately did not use the male student's name on the show because it is so early in the investigation and, since we did not use the female student's name, it seemed right to keep his name out of it for the moment. If the matter develops further, we may change our minds.

What was unusual to me is that the male student's lawyer was on our show and would not tell us what was seized from his client's dorm room pursuant to a search warrant. He did not want to tell us for "privacy reasons." That answer seemed odd to me and so I kept pushing for an answer, but still the lawyer would not budge. I expected the answer to be something like, "clothes, computer, etc.," — basically things that would not identify his client, but might give us some idea of the direction of the investigation. So why the "privacy" reason? It would be another matter if the answer were very specific like a "gold medal for speed skating," since everyone would know who that person might be on a college campus. So now I am perplexed: what was seized? I wonder if the lawyer was just being coy.

By the way, I hope to begin posting more video on this blog. I just got the Sony DCR-SR100 in order to shoot more video. The camera, by the way, is great. It just came out last week. It is digital recording to the camera hard drive — no tapes – and, as soon as I master it, you will get more video on the blog. I like the camera because it is really user-friendly (so user-friendly, you can even use it with ease with two painfully sprained fingers!) There's one problem: I can't figure out how to download the video to my Apple laptop, since the new camera does not have a firewire port. The Apple iMovie program on my laptop only uses firewire. Is there a program I can buy for my Apple so that I can download the video via USB? If you know the answer, please e-mail me. One other thing: The solution has to be simple for obvious reasons.

I went to FOX on Saturday to pick up the camera that had just arrived and ran into Tony Snow, who was packing up his office. He starts at the White House on Monday and was moving out of his FOX office. I dread the day I move out of my office. I have so much junk in it. In fact, if the health department took a look at my office now, it might get condemned.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I was prescribed Ambien for insomnia. One night I got up from bed, went out into the hallway and pulled down my undies and went pee on my hallway steps. My husband was freaking out. He tried like crazy to get me to wake up and get me either to the bathroom or back to bed. No doing until I finished peeing on the steps. The next morning I woke up and DIDN’T REMEMBER A THING. When I found the steps wet I was ready to really get after my dogs for going to the bathroom in the house. I called my husband on his cell phone to ask why he hadn't let them out that morning and to tell him what they had done. You cannot even begin to imagine my surprise when I found out I WAS THE GUILTY PARTY. OMG, I was so embarrassed.
Greta, it says right on the warning label that Ambien causes amnesia and disorientation. I have gotten up in the morning and found food I ate during the night in the kitchen, have made phone calls I have no memory of. I even talked to one ex-good friend and confirmed her husband was cheating while under the influence of Ambien. That never, ever would have happened if I had not taken Ambien. It is an extremely powerful drug.
Name withheld due to embarrassing story
Milford, OH

E-mail No. 2

Thank you so much for saying my name to Ace Young. It's exicting. I've met him before. Do you forward the e-mails to him? I don't know, just thanks again.
Rachel Scott

E-mail No. 3

Thanks so much, Greta. I don't think you minded I gave your e-mail on the message boards so everyone could e-mail you and they did! Great interview and you could tell, Ace really admires you as we do too. We hope to see him again one day on your show.
Also, did you ever see Chris Young who won "Nashville Star" last Tuesday? He has lots of fans too... you can get him on the show. Can you believe two people with the last name of YOUNG, no relation, but same year to be in a competition? Chris did win.
Thanks again!

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta!
You're the best. Thank you so, so much for having Ace on your show. He has tons of fans (Highrollers!) across the nation that love seeing and hearing him any chance we can get. He has inspired many people of all ages in different ways. I have a 2 and a half year old granddaughter named Hayley. She is autistic and doesn't speak at all. She absolutely adores Ace. She likes to watch his videos and will clap and dance and just get a huge smile on her face every single time she sees him. She has even said "Ace" a few times which meant the world to us because it was the first time we got to hear her speak. It's the only word she can/will say. We're so grateful for everything he has done and continues to do! Thank you again!

E-mail No. 5

Am sorry this won't be "short", but, it is extremely important. While I am a dedicated Republican, I can't stand by while Patrick Kennedy is raked across the coals. This is my story. I will keep as short as I can:
In 1998, my doctor prescribed Ambien as a sleep aide. We discussed the side effects and was told by my doctor as well as my pharmacist this such a safe medication. I looked it up on the Internet and found no adverse reactions. I took this medication for most of 1998. One night, in early 1999, I woke up driving back from an ice cream store with a banana split. I can only say that God was actually driving. I contacted my doctor the next day and we began "weaning" me off of the Ambien. In March of that year, I entered the hospital for major back surgery. The last thing I remember for the next seven weeks was being taken to operating room. I had to be admitted three times during that seven weeks to a mental hospital. No one would accept the role Ambien played in my memory loss. I was misdiagnosed and placed on anti-psychotic drugs. When I finally came out of this "trance," I began contacting the makers of Ambien, the CDC, the Federal Drug Administration, my congressman and did more research on the Internet. I was unable to get anyone to believe me or to seem to care. It is important that know, I am a very intelligent person. After being off the medication for a couple of years, I had two more episodes of memory loss and had to be treated by a mental health professional.
I am so thankful that no one was injured while Mr. Kennedy was driving, but maybe now the medical professionals and maybe the government will start listening to "innocent" people when they tell them a medication is bad. The public needs to be warned about these medications. I still suffer from insomnia, but I will never again take medication like Ambien, Halcion and Lunestra.
Please feel free to contact me or use my story if deem it important.
Becky Bollinger-Day
Amarillo, TX

E-mail No. 6

Greta, I worked as a licensed professional with the developmentally disabled for years, retiring this January. Terri was starved to death because she couldn't say "No, I don't want to be starved to death. I want to live." An RN I worked with told me that years ago, DD babies were very often starved to death; it's a hard way to go and harder to watch.
I felt that the case was morally very disturbing and I still do.
JoAnne Gottlieb

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta,
We love your show. I thought Bernie Grimm's hair was adorable. You should have pinched him on his cute little cheek.
I've been wondering: Just how tall is Mark Fuhrman? I saw him with Geraldo and another man one evening. He stood heads above them.

ANSWER: I like Bernie and have known him more than 25 years. But I just don't feel close enough to him to "pinch… cute little cheek." I also know Bernie's wife. I will suggest she does it instead.

E-mail No. 8

Glad you didn't notice Bernie's hair, I didn't either. It's not something I would necessarily want to be caught up in noticing, like the people who complain about the color of your shirt or your hairstyle (whatever you wear is fine with me).
Love your show, thanks for the hard work and for keeping up on Natalee.
Thousand Oaks, CA

E-mail No. 9

With respect to Congressman Kennedy's medical addiction one would expect the same thorough investigation, confiscation of medical records, determination of sources, etc., that Rush Limbaugh received. Will we not?
Al DiLascia

E-mail No. 10

Thanks for having Ace on your show. Yes, he should have been — and is — the "American Idol."
Thanks for asking him who he thought should win, we will all vote for Elliott now, except we know the voting is rigged since Ace lost. We all voted the night Ace was voted off and for two hours the line was busy and most his fans could not get through. So sad.
But, as he said, he is better off.

E-mail No. 11

Hi Greta,
We are about 1/2 hour behind with viewing your show tonight. I totally agree that many of the athletes are like a slap on the wrist and often delayed until after their playing season is over. However, I have to speak up on the Todd Bertuzzi thing. If a serious, non-partial investigation is done into the injuries that were done to Steve Moore, they were not nearly as serious as what was said by your USA Today person tonight. It was definitely a cheap shot and Todd was penalized heavily and lost the remainder of that season (which was vital to the Canucks in the play-offs in 2004). I don't want to presume that multiple wrongs make a right, but there have been other plays resulting in more serious injuries that were not nearly as penalized.
The good news is that this entire incident was instrumental in some of the changes we have seen in hockey when it resumed this year. I also have to credit the Canucks and the NHL in penalizing Bertuzzi immediately. This is much different than the NFL that likes to wait until after a season is over to take a look at a crime and then send the offender to prison. (You know I am a HUGE NFL fan from WI since the first Super Bowl.) Also, getting back to Steve Moore, he has totally recovered and is back playing hockey.
Sorry, but I had to blow off a bit of steam on this one!
Have a great weekend!
Kim Nagy
Weston, OH

E-mail No. 12

Hi Greta!
Thank you so much for interviewing Ace on your show. I was so surprised that you would showcase him. I am a big fan of your show as well as Ace. As an avid supporter of his talent, the more press he recieves, the better.
Again, thanks for your support!

E-mail No. 13

I am a big fan of your show, but really don't enjoythe celebrity interviews, especially the recent "American Idol" reject. I know that sometimes you cover very serious and tragic stories that can sometimes be a bit much, but isn't there a better way to blow off steam? You really shine when you are talking to lawmakers, victims' families, etc. The celeb intewviews are what people watch "Entertainment Tonight" for, not your show. I am a TiVo owner, and always fast forward through the celeb interviews. My mom Cyndy Collins is a big fan as well, and she does the same.
More serious news, less celeb stuff.
Thanks for your wonderful show!
Sarah Welly

E-mail No. 14

Never miss your show Greta and to be sure I don't I TiVo it. However, though it was nice to see Ace on your show recently, though he mentioned he would love to see Elliott win, you did not pick up on that. If you had and agreed with most reporters that Elliot has the best male voice, you may have helped his cause by bringing this to the attention of your viewers.
The problem is that those who love Elliott and enjoy his singing and talk about how good he is and how nice it would be if he won, are not the kinds who will take two or three phones in their hands and redial for two hours for their favorite, i.e. the rocker fans of Chris and Taylor.
This is why the voting system on "A.I." is not fair and that the winners are not always the best singers.
I hope you and your friends will take time to vote for Elliott or as they say get on the
E train.

E-mail No. 15

Dear Greta,
I want to thank you for having Ace Young on your show yesterday. Ace is a rising star, and his Highrollers have recognized his talent since day one. Not only is he a musical artist, but he's a humanitarian as well. He is doing great work for the Children's Hospital in Denver.
We appreciate your support of Ace! Thanks again.
Beth Smith

E-mail No. 16

Hi Greta,
Loved the interview with Ace. He seemed to be so at ease with you and I enjoyed learning about him liking Mel Torme and Jackie Wilson. I always enjoyed watching Ace when he performed.
I really liked the part when he said that he would be overjoyed if Elliott Yamin won... that it would be wonderful for him. Ace was close to all the contestants but it really warmed my heart to know that he wished the best for Elliott. If you haven't listened to any of Elliott's songs he has done, please check them out. They are wonderful! My 81-year-old mom just adores him. He has overcome so many things in his life. He has diabetes and I believe that the foundation has contacted him. Many, many fans have and are donating to the Diabetes Foundation honoring Elliott. He is 90 percent deaf in his right ear from so many infections and surgeries when he was little. He is humble and kind and loves his mom so much.
Ace made my day tonight! I'm looking forward to hearing a lot from him in the future. He is very handsome.
Thank you Greta! Always enjoy your show so much!
Have a nice weekend,

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