Video of Zarqawi Fumbling With Gun Circulating in Arab World

The videotape of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi trying to fire a gun — and having trouble with it — is now playing out in the Arab world.

This was the raw tape of the Zarqawi video propaganda session in which he was to portray himself as the Arab superhero slaying the enemies of the Arab people and the enemies of Islam as well.

That's why the black jihadi outfit. That's why the Popeye forearms. That's why the gun blasting away. That's why it hurts that he doesn't know how to actually operate the weapon. The tough guy needs his helper to figure out his gun.

In the Arab world this didn't play so well, which figures.

But on the other hand, the Americans evidently come out looking bad on this too.

That's the part that sounded weird to me.

One man on the street in Baghdad said it makes the Americans look weak because they haven't caught him.

Hey, we're trying.

Another man took a completely different tack and said the following:

"The reason the Americans haven't captured or killed al-Zarqawi is that they need an Al Qaeda connection to justify their occupation of Iraq."

I guess they haven't heard we actually want to leave Iraq.

I suggest to any Iraqi who knows where Zarqawi is, please, test the Americans on this point.

Tell the Americans where he is and see if they ignore the information and let him go on with his bombing and beheading, or whether the Americans take the information, go to the location and leave a smoking crater where Zarqawi was last seen standing.

If there is also a line of thinking that we haven't gotten bin Laden because we need a live enemy in order to keep making endless war, I say, again, let's see if you are right. We can prove it by you simply letting us know where he is.

Would America want to kill Zarqawi? Yes. No doubt.

Would America kill bin Laden? Without the slightest doubt.

Yes, I know there are people in Iraq, in France and on the left here at home who think we keep enemies alive so we can have someone to fight. They also hear black helicopters, and "The Twilight Zone" music plays when they enter a room.

Well, here's hoping the tape of Zarqawi helps lead us to him. I have confidence we'll know the right thing to do at that moment.

That's My Word.

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