FOX News Quiz — Answers!

Check your answers to the news quiz below — correct answers are in red, and incorrect answers are in gray.

Question 1: On Wednesday, the White House released its $7.1 billion plan for dealing with a bird flu pandemic. Which of the following is part of the plan for stemming the spread of disease in the workplace?

A. Employers will keep workers at least three feet apart from one another.
B. Employers will distribute two weeks worth of Tamiflu to all workers.
C. Employers will have all workers wear facemasks and latex gloves in the workplace.
D. Employers will install hand sanitizer stations at all entrances and exits, and in all bathrooms.

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Question 2: A recent poll found that a large number young Americans don't know their way around a map. Which of the following places were 75 percent of young people unable to pinpoint on a map, despite heavy coverage in the news?

A. Iraq
B. Israel
C. Louisiana
D. All of the above

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Question 3: On Monday, illegal immigrants and their allies took to the streets in a nationwide boycott to draw attention to the importance of illegals to the American economy. What was the official name of this day of protest?

A. “Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote”
B. “A Day Without Immigrants”
C. “Amnesty Now!”
D. “Si Se Puede” or “Yes We Can”

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Question 4: On Monday, Bolivia's president made an announcement concerning his country's natural resources. What was that announcement?

A. The country will halt all logging in its rainforests and try to grow its ecotourism industry instead.
B. The country will begin exporting coffee and cocoa to America and Europe.

C. The country will take control of all natural gas fields and production, and foreign companies will be evicted if they don't comply.
D. The country has discovered new deposits of gold ore and will begin developing mining operations in those areas.

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Question 5: On Tuesday, a top commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guard said that Iran will not tolerate any aggression from the U.S. What did he threaten to do in retaliation if attacked Iran is attacked by America?

A. Attack Israel
B. Detonate a dirty bomb in a U.S. city
C. Kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq
D. Withhold oil exports

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Question 6: On Wednesday, several corporations announced that they would stop selling their product in U.S. schools. What are those products?

A. Notebooks and pencils
B. School uniforms
C. Candy cigarettes and chewing gum

D. Soda and other sugary drinks

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Question 7: On Tuesday, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin unveiled his new evacuation plan for the city. What does the city plan to do with citizens who have no personal transportation?

A. House them in the Convention Center, which will be well-stocked with food, water, and backup power generators.
B. Use Amtrak trains to take them north out of the city.
C. Offer a $500 tax credit to residents with vehicles who allow others to carpool with them.
D. All of the above.

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Question 8: On Thursday, the U.S. Military released new video of Al Qaeda's terrorist leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. What did the video show?

A. Zarqawi threatening to kill U.S. troops and Iraqis who cooperate with the U.S.
B. Zarqawi threatening to kill an American hostage

C. Zarqawi having trouble operating a machine gun
D. Zarqawi leading prayers at a terrorist training camp

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Question 9: This week, hearings were held to investigate the cause of the Sago Mine tragedy, in which an explosion caused a cave-in and the deaths of 12 miners. What did experts at the hearing say may have been the cause of the explosion?

A. A lightning strike and an electrical surge
B. An accidental detonation of dynamite
C. A friction spark ignited gas that was leaking from a tank
D. A stray bullet that ruptured a gas tank

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Question 10: On Wednesday, a jury decided that confessed Al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui should spend the remainder of his life in a super maximum security prison, with no possibility of parole. What did Moussaoui say in his final public statement?

A. “I would have preferred death.”
B. “God save Usama bin Laden.”
C. “I'll die with a whimper.”
D. “Allah will avenge me.”

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Bonus: On Wednesday's edition of “On the Record” Greta Van Susteren had an exclusive interview with DA Mike Nifong, who is prosecuting the rape case involving the Duke lacrosse team. Nifong had just achieved a major victory. What was it?

A. He successfully convinced a grand jury to indict a third lacrosse player in the alleged rape.
B. He secured an eyewitness who was able to verify the accuser's account of the alleged rape.
C. He convinced the accuser to take the stand and testify when the case goes to trial.

D. He was re-elected as Durham DA and will be able to continue prosecuting the case.

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How well did you score?

More than 8 questions right — Excellent! You're a FOX News junkie!
6 to 8 questions right — Great Work! You've got a nose for news.
3 to 5 questions right — Good Effort! You've been paying attention.
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