Tattooed Thief Tippy-Toes to the Tank

Lots of kooky crooks have been caught red-handed, but getting busted with inked toes is another thing altogether.

Richard Costello of Clearwater, Fla., was trying to peddle stolen motorcycle parts on eBay when he was kicked to the proverbial curb by his own feet, the St. Petersburg Times reports.

After swiping other people's bikes, police say Costello spread the stolen wares on the floor so he could photograph them for the Web site. Unfortunately for him, his distinctively-tattooed feet could be seen peeking into the pictures.

When the real owner of one of the missing motorcycles noticed the parts for sale on eBay and became suspicious, he notified the authorities.

The cops quickly realized that the person selling the suspicious parts had talking feet, of sorts — one read "White" and the other read "Trash." It took only a quick search of jail records for investigators to know they had their man.

"This one goes in the 'Not the brightest star in the sky' file," Clearwater police Sgt. Greg Stewart said.

Police arranged a rendezvous with Costello to buy some parts, and he was promptly arrested upon his arrival in a van full of stolen goods.

Detectives don't know exactly how lucrative Costello's illicit Internet dealings might have been, but they say he has shipped items as far as Britain and the Netherlands.

"He just tiptoed his way back to jail," Stewart said.

Sticking It to the Man, One Poop Sandwich at a Time

You may think he's crazy, but he's really just another slayer of the undead trying to make his stand, man.

Richard Carroll, a 54-year-old from Highland, Ind., who has a beef with the Lake County justice system, claims to have sent boxes of scatological snacks to the courts to protest a small claims case, the Northwest Indiana Times reports.

The six boxes he sent this week contained kitty poop, bread, torn-up money and some change thrown in for good measure.

Now Carroll, who also goes by the moniker "Vampire Killer," has locked himself in his house in wait of what he sees as his impending arrest.

"I'm not coming out of this house," he said.

And it seems this isn't Vampire Killer's first foray into the world of posting poopy parcels — early last month he sent a package to Lake Superior Court Magistrate Michael Pagano that had to be examined by a hazardous materials team.

But Carroll insists that he's only a man making a point.

"They all say I'm crazy, but I'm crazy about my rights," he said.

He says he plans to keep the packages coming every week, and he will only leave his house if the cops show up with a warrant and a federal agent.

Authorities say they're aware of Carroll's actions.

Have 40-Year-Old Sandwich, Will Travel

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Some might call a partially-eaten sandwich ordered by then-Vice President Richard Nixon more than 40 years ago just a piece of trash.

But Steve Jenne thought he saw a piece of history and has held onto it ever since.

Jenne retrieved the left-behind buffalo barbecue sandwich after Nixon dined at a political rally in Sullivan, Ill., during his 1960 presidential campaign. Over the years, the item piqued the public interest.

Last month, Jenne, 59, was invited to be a guest on an updated version of the classic 1950s and '60s television game show "I've Got a Secret," in which celebrity panelists attempt to guess a contestant's secret.

Taking an old sandwich on the road is more difficult than it sounds.

"It ain't easy," Jenne said. "First of all, to fly with dry ice I would have had to go through all different channels of security. So I forgot the dry ice and rigged up a way to keep it frozen in a cooler as part of my luggage and made sure it never left my side."

They've Got Some Explaining to Do

CASTALIA, Ohio (AP) — You're both grounded!

Two voting-age sons of a northern Ohio candidate didn't go to the polls Tuesday, and their father's race ended in a tie.

William Crawford, trying to retain his seat on the central committee of the Erie County Democratic Party, and challenger Jean Miller each received 43 votes in the primary balloting.

Officials plan to conduct a recount, but the race may have to be settled by coin flip, said David Giese, the county's Democratic Party chairman and an elections board member.

Crawford was able to laugh about it Wednesday, but he said his sons are going to be getting an earful for skipping the election.

"Oh they will, let me tell you," Crawford said.

Son Jim lives across the street from Crawford's home in Castalia, about 45 miles southeast of Toledo, and son Andy is a college student who lives at home. Both are registered Democrats.

He Probably Just Forgot His Homework

PLANO, Texas (AP) — It was strange enough for a goat to be wandering through a Dallas area school. But the way the goat got in would be more difficult to believe — if it weren't for the video.

Building security cameras captured the male goat butting glass doors repeatedly at Hickey Elementary School in Plano on Sunday. Eventually the goat, which was apparently doing battle with its reflection, broke through the glass and got into the building.

The animal was also videoed scouting out the cafeteria before officials discovered it and contacted animal control officers, WFAA-TV reported Wednesday.

Triple Trouble Times Two

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (AP) — Every parent feels a little overwhelmed when leaving the hospital with a newborn. What must it feel like to leave the hospital holding three newborns, to go home to another set of triplets?

"It's going to be rough in the beginning," Rich Fontana told Associated Press Television from St. Peter's University Hospital. "The older ones are going to take our time during the day, and the babies are going to be at night."

Rich and Sharon Fontana welcomed Alyssa, Evan and Eric into the world on Monday. Their other children — Danielle, David and Dylan — are 2 years old, which means the family has a total of six children in diapers.

The family will go through an estimated 40 diapers and three dozen bottles a day.

The Fontanas said both sets of triplets were conceived without medical help, a fact that is especially interesting considering that 12 years ago Sharon Fontana was told by her doctor that she would not get pregnant.

With a tiny baby in each arm, Sharon Fontana said she's ready for motherhood — times six.

"I am, I guess. I don't have much choice," she said.

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