Parents Welcome Second Set of Triplets

Every parent feels a little overwhelmed when leaving the hospital with a newborn. What must it feel like to leave the hospital holding three newborns, to go home to another set of triplets?

"It's going to be rough in the beginning," Rich Fontana told Associated Press Television from St. Peter's University Hospital. "The older ones are going to take our time during the day, and the babies are going to be at night."

Rich and Sharon Fontana welcomed Alyssa, Evan and Eric into the world on Monday. Their other children — Danielle, David and Dylan — are 2 years old, which means the family has a total of six children in diapers.

The family will go through an estimated 40 diapers and three dozen bottles a day.

The Fontanas said both sets of triplets were conceived without medical help, a fact that is especially interesting considering that 12 years ago Sharon Fontana was told by her doctor that she would not get pregnant.

With a tiny baby in each arm, Sharon Fontana said she's ready for motherhood — times six.

"I am, I guess. I don't have much choice," she said.