May Day Mayday

Thousands of illegal immigrants and their allies across the country plan a show of force Monday to illustrate how much immigrants matter in the U.S. economy.

Some will skip work, others will protest at lunch breaks, school walkouts or at rallies after work. There are planned church services, candlelight vigils, picnics and human chains. Read more.

Do you think today's boycott will help or hurt the immigration cause?

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Here's what people in the news are saying:

"Bravo to these so-called illegals. They deserve to be respected and given the rights owed them. They have given so much to this country. They have great values and work so hard for so little. We will all benefit from listening and helping their cause." — Tammy (Las Vegas, NV)

"Who cares? Let’s just be honest about it. We need their labor and they should be made legal. Let’s just be decent about it and move on." — Peter (New York, NY)

"Today's protests have definitely hurt their cause. I was fairly apathetic about illegal immigrants until this debate started heating up. Now, I'm furious. Who do they think they are? I would vote for a ‘No Guest-Worker Program’ in addition to deporting all of the illegals." — Joan (Lakewood, CO)

"If anything, it's going to hurt their cause, all it is doing is giving Americans more of a sense of how big the problem really is." — Corey

"I think it will help their cause and help raise awareness of the scale of the problem. America needs to do the right thing by the people that have been exploited for so long." — Dana (Mill Hall, PA)

"I used to support a guest worker program. Because of their protests, I no longer do. The arrogance displayed by a group of people in making demands while breaking the law is disgusting. Until illegal aliens are ready to understand, abide by, and respect the laws of this nation, they should not be welcomed." — Cara (Minnesota)

"These protests carried out by those who are here illegally will most definitely hurt their cause. They are not citizens and do not have the rights afforded to legal Americans." — Joe (Arizona)

"Unfortunately, today’s move has had a negative impact on me and many of my friends. It shows a blatant disregard for the law of the land. Most in America would support any individual’s desire to come to this great country so long as they choose the legal route." — Trey (Columbia, SC)

"I really don’t care. Not much will change. Our so-called democracy needs a lower class to feed off of and take advantage of, the ruling class will see to it that it stays." — Lou (Lincoln, NB)

"I think many Americans, like myself, are outraged at the sense of entitlement these illegal immigrants are showing." — Sherry (Virginia)

"I am happy to see the protestors. I think in the end it will be a good thing because it simply gives a face, or many faces, to the issue. Politicians will have to deal with it." — Ron (Lexington, KY)

"If they want to stay in the country then they should become citizens, pay taxes, and social security. Then I have no problem, but otherwise they are here illegally. Why should they take jobs from Americans?" — Moe

"It's highly unpredictable what's going to happen. What unites everyone that's going to do something on May 1 is they are making visible their strong feelings." — Harley Shaiken, director of the Center for Latin American studies at the University of California

"You should wave the American flag. It's the flag of the country that we all are proud of and want to be a part of. Don't disrespect the traditions of this country." — Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

"This will symbolize the interdependence of all of us, not just immigrants, but all of society." — Chung-Wa Hong, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition

Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

“I hope this boycott will hurt the immigration cause. Illegal aliens should be deported back to their country immediately, regardless of time spent in this country. If they're illegal they need to go back to where they came from. I don't understand what the debate is all about.” — Vincente

“As a middle-of-the-road American and a second generation immigrant, I don't have anything against immigration. But I do have something against illegal aliens who want everything America can offer them monetarily, who will not respect our laws, our language or our culture. Do you really think we would get away with this kind of rally in Mexico City? They should be protesting the Mexican government, not trying to change the laws in our country. I do not want to live in the United States of Mexico.” — Janet (Houston, TX)

“I think it's already working. Their voices are being heard all over the U.S.A. I believe this is what makes our nation great. Our voices can be heard peacefully, and it does not matter if people agree or disagree. We have the freedom of free speech!” — S. D.

“I think the protests hurt the immigration cause. They are only showing what kind of people they are...skipping class, work, etc. They need to go back to their own countries and do things legally!” — Kathryn (Texas)

“We have gotten what we deserve, I am so sorry to say. We have shut our eyes to illegal immigration for all of these years and now we are reaping what we have sown. Countless thousands of illegal men and women are openly picketing in the streets on a day that was set up by socialists and communists to hail the laborer. We are growing as a nation of people choosing what is expedient as opposed to what is right. I am truly concerned for the future of our country. We have sold our souls to the almighty dollar. Shame on us.” — Frank (New Orleans, LA)

“I believe the boycott will hinder their cause. It will cause anger in the majority of the population that believe immigrants should be willing to go through all that their ancestors went through to obtain American citizenship. If they want our benefits, of which I might add I do not even qualify for, then let them learn our language, work for what they want and be a part of America, instead of being freeloaders.” — Debbie

“Today is a good day to look for work. An estimated 12 million jobs are now available. Instead of protesting in the States, these undocumented workers should protest in Mexico. They should demand clean drinking water and an environment that fosters job creation.” — Leon (Arlington, VA)

“We don't reject immigrants, or say they don't matter to our country. Our country was founded by immigrants, and populated by those that left their oppressive countries to seek freedom. The Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of freedom, and welcomes immigrants to our nation. We don't want to refuse or even lose the immigrants that want to come to our country, follow protocol and become American citizens. They have much to offer us. Illegal aliens need to be marched OUT of our country." — Tom and Diana

“I don't honestly think anything can hurt this cause. I live in Florida and I hear the same thing over and over. Make it illegal to give them a job and they'll have no reason to be here. Illegal is illegal. There is no valid argument. We can blame our own government for letting them believe that they have any say at all. They all became criminals the minute they trespassed on our land. We have enough criminals of our own. We don't need criminals from other countries.” — John

“Breaking laws should never be rewarded. If a person wants to come to this country and work legally, there should be no problems. There are jobs in this part of Texas that are being taken by illegal aliens. The jobs are blue collar, but U.S. citizens would love to have them. The pay scale is from $11 to $16 an hour to start. I have a daughter that would have gone to work there, but at this time they are not hiring. When the INS pulled up to this business a couple of weeks ago, more than half of the workers literally ran out the back door leaving many jobs vacant, and the business had to close until the workers returned. The business itself should be fined.” — Mato

“Hopefully it will backfire on the illegals. For myself, I will drive around my neighborhood after work today to look for closed businesses and I will boycott them for the rest of my life. It is especially aggravating to learn the kids are not going to school today. I am paying for that school.” — Steven

“This hurts their cause. It shows that they are already not willing to assimilate and work with the system. They want to bypass our American system and use their own.” — Eric (Sacramento, CA)

“In response to the illegal Mexicans protest, I plan to boycott all Mexican goods. I had planned another vacation to Mexico this year, but will not go there for the foreseeable future. No more Corona and no more Mexican restaurants. The protest door swings both ways.” — Dennis

“I am an immigrant of Hispanic origin myself, although I came to this country legally. I must say that at first I was hoping that some reforms in immigration would help people come legally and contribute to this country. As I see the protests and boycotts that are happening, I am embarrassed about the negative attitude of the Hispanic community. I don't agree with the national anthem sung in Spanish. In my country of origin, Uruguay, our national anthem is sacred, and if a bunch of Americans came trying to change it or translate it to English, it would be an insult to our people. I think immigrants have rights, but their rights end where the rights of others begin. They have no right to mess with the American anthem, they should be grateful for this nation and all it represents. When I came to this country I worked hard to adapt to it, learn the language well and adopt the values. I never expected the country to change to my convenience. I love this country, and I say whoever despises it should go back to their own.” — Mariana

“The immigrants are actually doing us a favor by protesting today. These protests allow Americans to spend money (without crowds) and thus show how strong the economy truly is without immigrant involvement. If they insist upon becoming a part of our country, then they need to go through the legal process just like every other immigrant should do. If they did that, then we would respect and value them more. But it is up to the good ol' American government to make sure the laws are enforced" — Beth (Greenville, SC)

“This just shows what a problem we have on our hands and what type of potential unrest and security issues we have created. We have to clamp down on the borders, force these people to be legalized and earn their way into the country. People in many countries wait years to become legal citizens, and it is unfair to them and that process to allow folks to leak in without proper regulation. Enforce legislation now and manage the borders with discipline, please.” — Troy (San Francisco, CA)

“I think it will hurt the illegals more then it hurts Americans. It’s already an insult and the majority of Americans do not support breaking our countries laws. I think the protest organizers are underestimating the heart and soul of this country, which is hard working and patriotic Americans who are not going to stand for this.” — Anne

"It's a great day for Mexicans! I was born in America in 1941. I feel it is time to stop using the Mexicans like slaves. They deserve better. America should assist Mexico. Mexico in turn must make the changes that America dictates. It is time." — Alena

"These demonstrations, mostly by illegals, can do nothing but hurt them. It will call attention to the vast number of persons identifying themselves as illegals. If you want to come here as an immigrant, then do it the right way. All others go back where you came from and get in line." — L.M. (Jonesboro, GA)

"Bravo to these so-called illegals. They deserve to be respected and given the rights owed them. They have given so much to this country. They have great values and work so hard for so little. We will all benefit from listening and helping their cause." — Jenny (Washington, D.C.)

"They are breaking the law and do not have the right to take jobs from our poor. They also have an unfair advantage because they are not required to learn English. They get special treatment. They are protected by business owners who want cheap labor. The ones who are here should pay penalties and be required to pay fines to obtain legal status. I am voting against any Democrat or Republican who allows our money to be spent on illegals." — Roger (Greenwood, IN)

"I just wish Homeland Security would drive up in buses and load everyone on. Hold them in detention areas and see if they have the proper documentation. If they are actually here illegally, then they should be deported." — Sam (Chicago, IL)

"Man, these illegals are giving themselves up on a silver platter! Where is my Department of Homeland Security? Asleep at the wheel again. Do something President Bush!" — Mike (Houston, TX)

"Yes, I think they do hurt the cause. These people are NOT illegal immigrants, they are illegal aliens. It's a shame that both political parties only care about the Hispanic vote and not the safety of our country." — Kyren

"The so-called Great American Boycott is neither great nor American. It is extortion by those breaking the law and those who enable them." — Melissa (Fort Worth, TX)

"I understand what their cause is for and why they want to be in this country, but boycotting and marching is not the way. Do they not understand that America was prosperous before without them and we will be growing and prosperous years from now with or without them?" — Susan (Orlando, FL)

"I just love to hear all of the bigoted people who say that these people have no rights. This is America, i.e. the same place that their family immigrated to at some point in their family tree. Unless I guess you were part of the original bunch that came over and stole the land from Native Americans!" — Sue (Seattle, WA)

"It will help. America needs to deal with the problems caused by illegal immigration." — Gerry (Watertown, MA)

"I hope the illegal immigrants and their misguided supporters keep on protesting, marching and waving those Mexican flags. This is sure to raise the ire of the American people, and ensure passage of anti-immigration legislation." — John (Tustin, CA)

"Like it or not, they are here. These millions of illegals will not be rounded up and deported. So what do you who think should be done? I don’t think they should continue on as illegals. They need to pay taxes and pay into Social Security!" — Linda (Austin, TX)

"Why don’t they have a walk out day and not use any of the social services for that day, and see how much we save in this area." — Bill

"They are doing the jobs most Americans don't want to do. There is no way in the world that all will be deported. Deal with it and make the best of it." — Jake (San Diego, CA)

"Look, I am all for these illegals being given citizenship. They are already here working, taking advantage of our social services so why not have them pay taxes and fine them as well? What really makes me mad is when they start waving their native country's flag. If you love your legal country so much, then GO BACK there! Wave an American flag if you want to be here so bad!" — Kip (Boston, MA)

"California was once Mexico! I say give it back to Mexico and move all of our illegals there to help out Hollywood (where the entertainment industry already profits from exploiting their labor). It would solve the immigration AND the Hollywood problem in one stroke." — Billy (Atlanta, GA)

"I am very supportive of making these illegals citizens and making them legal taxpayers (we need the Social Security). What I don't support in any way, shape or form is when they start waving around the flag of their home country. This is America, not Mexico. If you are so proud of Mexico, then why are you here? I want to repeal the allowance of dual citizenships." — Stan (New York, NY)

"If you are a legal immigrant, great and God bless. If not, get out of the country or be deported! My grandparents were legal immigrants from Ireland." — Marla (Cleveland, OH)

"It is a stress on us here in North Carolina. The Mexican illegal immigration is out of control. They take jobs from legal citizens, many of whom were born and raised here. Further, illegals tax our school and medical systems. They don't speak English and when they need care, we as taxpayers have to take on the burden. It is NOT right. This isn't America circa 1900. It is 2006 and our borders need more security." — Jamie (Gastonia, NC)

"Breaking U.S. laws by ILLEGALLY entering this country should NOT be rewarded." — Christopher (Lexington Park, MD)

"If you come to America and want to be an American, you must abide by our rules and laws. If not, then you must suffer the consequences." — Janice