If You Were President...

Ever wish you could whisper in the president's ear? Give him advice on issues plaguing the nation? Well, here's your chance to tell the world what you would do if you were president of the United States. Twice weekly, we'll ask our readers a question about an issue facing the nation and post your responses here.

Today's question:

If you were president, what would you do to reduce soaring gas prices?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"I would open up our many capped oil wells. Do away with the foolish limits on drilling and refining. Get a windfall profits bill enacted with the teeth to imprison CEOs, not just fining businesses that gouge. We would roll back the clock on regulation, promote alternate fuels and vehicles to run on them. I would reduce taxes on fuel and promote rail transport." — Michael (Bremen, GA)

"I'd ask my attorney general to file criminal charges against former President Bush for conspiracy to price gouge and criminal negligence. I'd make massive investments in improving mass transit. There'd be stricter miles per gallon requirements on cars sold in the U.S. There'd be tax penalties, rather than incentives, for gas guzzling SUVs. I'd provide funding for bio-diesel gas stations." — Phil

"I would explain how we got to this point. The fact is this has been years in the making. Mainly, the Democrats have blocked new refineries and drilling due to the demands of the extreme environmentalists. Because of this we find ourselves in a terrible situation." — Brian (Santa Clarita, CA)

"If I were president the first thing I would do about gas prices is suspend all of the pork tax on gas while this investigation continues." — J.L.

"Remove oil and gas from the futures (commodities) market. The part of the current oil price is driven by the future market, which is reacting to fear factors rather than the actual supply." — Scott

"I would order the state police in all states of the union to begin strictly enforcing highway speed limits or risk losing their federal highway money. It's economics 101. Driving at 60 MPH instead of 75 saves at least 10 percent fuel usage. Using less would mean more supply, less demand and lower gasoline prices." — Andy (Hudson, NH)

"I'd instantly stop supporting and sending oil to other countries. I'd immediately initiate policies to institute usage of the vast quantities of the huge natural gas and coal reserves the United States has. I'd take price controls off all oil, gas and coal reserves. It'd become law that each member of Congress drive gas saving vehicles and also pay for their own gas." — Tina

"I'd immediately repeal (or vastly reduce) the huge royalties that oil companies pay to the federal government." — Rick

"I'd close all the exchanges in the country for a week or so. I'd let China and India buy all they want. It might stop some of those nuts at the exchanges from overbidding on the oil. It'd let the prices cool off." — Fred (Sherwood, AR)

"Nothing! Higher gasoline prices will encourage the development of alternative fuels and gas saving technologies. The American public has been spoiled with cheap fuel. Compared to other nations, gas is still far cheaper and is still less expensive than it was in the 1970s when you adjust for inflation. Our dependency on oil, although lower than it once was, is too great and unsustainable." — Dominic

"My first immediate step would be an across the board reduction in gasoline taxes. Gas taxes are a percentage of the selling price and can be reduced significantly while still generating more revenue than last year." — Matt

"I'd slap a wind fall profits tax on all oil companies. This would surely curb their greed as it did in the early seventies. Trust me, it will work. I was there." — Randy

"I would spend the money required to develop ethanol and bio-diesel production on a large scale." — Allen

"If i were President the first thing i would do is to tell Saudi Arabia to reduce the cost of their oil and remind them that we protect them." — Beverly (Georgia, VT)

"I would tax the crap out of the oil companies on their windfall profits. Their profits are off the charts while the economy is being severely compromised." — Deb

"I would sign an executive order for the immediate construction of new refineries on abandoned or vacant military bases. I believe these bases are exempt from certain environmental restrictions. Drilling and pumping more oil is useless unless it can be refined." — Ed

"I would repeal the tax on gas, then open up Alaska for drilling along with offshore Florida and California. Next, I would give tax incentives for the construction of new refineries and create one fuel blend standard." — Brad

“Nothing. It is time for America to reap what it has sown. It’s time for Mother Nature to dish out some tough love for all the gas-guzzling gluttons. Don’t believe in Global Warming? Don’t worry, global warming believes in you.” — Karen (Mobile, AL)

"I'd begin with establishing a bi-weekly television program discussing issues with the American people. The gas situation would be my first topic. I'd explain to the American audience what causes the price of gas to increase. Then I'd tell the American people that prices can go down if and when we become less dependant on foreign oil. Then I'd explain that I was going to do everything in my power to get Congress to approve drilling in Alaska as a near-term solution to the gas problem. I'd let it be known that if Congress stops this action or will not cooperate, then the high price of gas will continue and the people will have their representatives to thank." — Kip (Boston, MA)

"I would sign Kyoto and make it impossible for future presidents to undo, once and for all making the U.S. truly responsible. I would ensure that alternative technologies had the funding and policy advantages that they need to truly make a difference. Currently, the Bush administration really has no solid plan to get America off of its oil addiction. It is all talk. I would pass measures to make sure oil companies be taxed so heavily that they would turned to these alternative resources. I would kick all oil lobbyists out of D.C. once and for all. I would make 'payola lobbying' a crime." — Gabe (Seattle, WA)

"I would put a mandatory cap on the oil companies profit per gallon." — Pam (Rochester Hills, MI)

"I would seek ways and means to building more refineries to handle the extra oil that would be generated from the Alaska drilling. I would make the American people realize that the drilling would not harm the caribou and other animals in Alaska. I would not wait for the public approval. I would press on with all the power granted me by this office to ensure the people of this country could exist with lower prices of gas." — Mike (Chicago, IL)

"In the short term, the energy industry should be completely regulated with whatever regulations deemed necessary including strict price controls, windfall profit taxes, restrictions on executive compensation, rationing, government determination of new energy supplies, subsidies for the development of new energy sources, etc. That should give the nation some time for the long-term solution, which is to correctly deregulate and de-monopolize the entire energy industry to allow supply to respond to demand. If OPEC countries refuse to de-monopolize, trade tariffs should be placed on all of their oil imports until an alternative energy industry can be created in the U.S." — Mike (Edina, MN)

"I would make sure that America never relies on OPEC and foreign governments for our oil. I would prevent large oil companies from merging to gain market power (and undo the mistakes made by previous administrations, i.e. rollback the clock on companies like Exxon). I would disallow utility monopolies to control the electricity and natural gas industries." — Barbara (New York, NY)

"I would simply start drilling!" — Paul

"I would make the oil execs (like the recently retired CEO of Exxon) return ALL their profits to the American people, whom they have been ripping off. I would make it crime to do what they did to Americans during and after the Hurricanes. Think it won't happen again?" — Dev (Brooklyn, NY)

"I would do absolutely nothing. If it weren't for government regulations and environmental activist involvement in American oil exploration, the American people wouldn't be suffering the way they are. I'd let the prices continue to rise until the people decide they've had enough of being told that oil exploration on American soil is forbidden." — James

"If I were president I would sign an executive order for all the car companies to produce cars that run on ethanol and cut back production of fossil fuel cars in the US by 80 percent. Gas stations will have mandatory ethanol pumps, and corn and sugar farmers who wish to make ethanol will receive a subsidy. The gas companies will whine of course, but they whined when they changed from leaded fuel to unleaded fuel. They changed then, and they can change now." — JLW

"If I were president I would offer the oil companies a choice. Either fix the price of regular unleaded at $1.00 a gallon or their private companies would become state owned and operated companies much like the rest of the world." — Grant

"The current gas price spike is due to an artificial shortage at the pump caused by the reformulated gas requirements. Due to enviro-lawsuits and regulations, MTBE must be switched to ethanol, and there is a gross shortage of ethanol capacity to support current demand for reformulated gasoline. Therefore, I would issue an executive order to temporarily remove all requirements for reformulated gas to allow for sale of 'normal' gas until ethanol capacity can be ramped up to meet the actual anticipated demand. This would stabilize gas prices until ethanol supply meets demand, then the order would be rescinded." — Tim (Hazleton, PA)

"I would use my emergency authority and order drilling of oil in ANWR ASAP. I would also order all large cities to initiate fast lane on freeways for busses and three or more to a car, to promote car pooling. Lifting some of the refinery's blend restrictions would also help." — Dale