How Much News Do You Know?

Think you know what's been happening in the news? Try our quiz and see how well you remember the major events of the week! Be sure to keep track of your answers. Then, when you're finished, click here.

Question 1: On Thursday, the sole survivor of the Sago mine tragedy finally spoke about his ordeal. What did he say went wrong down in the mine after the explosion that may have contributed to the miners' deaths?

A. There was no light in the mine, because backup generators failed.
B. Some of the emergency air packs did not work, so the miners had to share them.
C. The miners walked in the wrong direction, deeper into the mine, because they were disoriented after the cave-in.
D. They had no tools to try to dig their way out, because they had been left on the other side of the cave-in.

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Question 2: On Monday, police in Sierra Leone were searching for a group of attackers who mauled several U.S. tourists and killed a local guide. What was unusual about the assailants?

A. They were members of a religious sect that usually preaches non-violence.
B. They were all part of another group of U.S. tourists.
C. They were all women.
D. They were chimpanzees.

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Question 3: Over the weekend, Arab television network Al Jazeera broadcast new audio of Usama bin Laden. In the tape, what did the terrorist leader urge his followers to do?

A. Go to the Sudan and fight U.N. Peacekeeping forces.
B. Immigrate legally to America and set up sleeper terror cells.
C. Move to Iraq to fight U.S. soldiers and Iraqis who cooperate with the U.S.
D. Donate money and resources to Al Qaeda to help fight the West.

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Question 4: This week, investigators from the U.N. Office of Internal Oversight Services said they are finishing up a report that could lead to yet another scandal. What new allegation will the report make about the U.N.?

A. The organization's historic stamp collection was illicitly sold in a secret auction.
B. The organization's peacekeeping forces commit multiple sexual crimes overseas.
C. The organization lied about the amount of money they need to rebuild their headquarters.
D. The organization encouraged Iran to lie about its nuclear enrichment activities.

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Question 5: On Tuesday, President Bush announced his plan for dealing with high gasoline prices. What does he want to do to ease the pain at the pump?

A. Temporarily suspend deliveries to the U.S. strategic petroleum reserve.
B. Investigate oil companies for price gouging.
C. Open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration and drilling.
D. All of the above.

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Question 6: On Wednesday, Ukrainians marked an important anniversary in their country's history. What was it?

A. The 1st anniversary of the Orange Revolution
B. The 15th anniversary of their independence from the Soviet Union
C. The 20th anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl
D. The 90th anniversary of the Polish-Ukrainian war

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Question 7: On Wednesday, the language research group Oxford English Corpus, announced that the English language has reached a major benchmark in total number of words. How many English words exist?

A. 10 million
B. 100 million
C. 500 million
D. 1 billion

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Question 8: This week, two administration officials made an unannounced visit to Iraq. Who made the surprise trip?

A. Pres. Bush and Vice Pres. Cheney
B. Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld and Sec. of State Rice
C. Atty. General Gonzales and Sec. of State Rice
D. Vice Pres. Cheney and Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld

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Question 9: On Tuesday, a controversial film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. What event did the movie dramatize that had many people so upset?

A. The devastating tsunami that struck Southeast Asia on December 26, 2004.
B. The hijacking of a passenger jet on September 11, 2001.
C. The deadly school shooting in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, 1999.
D. The bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.

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Question 10: On Thursday, a Senate panel released a report recommending the dissolution of a government agency that they said had become a “symbol of bumbling bureaucracy.” Which government agency did they say should get the boot?

A. The Immigration and Naturalization Service
B. The Federal Emergency Management Agency
C. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
D. The Environmental Protection Agency

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Bonus Question: On Wednesday's edition of “Special Report,” former FOX News commentator Tony Snow talked about transitioning to a new job at the beginning of May. What will his new role be?

A. Host of a new reality TV show about politicians.
B. Deputy campaign strategist for the Republican National Committee.
C. White House press secretary.
D. Lead guitarist in a band called Beats Workin'.

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