Washington Post, New York Times on Zarqawi, Bin Laden's Side?

Karl Rove was in front of the grand jury for the fifth time Wednesday in the matter of the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

She's the one married to Amb. Joe Wilson who she sent to Niger to investigate Saddam Hussein trying to buy yellow cake, an ingredient for a nuke bomb.

If Karl Rove had something to do with revealing her name, he might have broken a law.

I'm on the record saying he should have gotten a medal for exposing the cabal of CIA agents who have been actively working to undermine the administration's Iraq war policy.

Now it's true that Mary McCarthy has been fired from her supervisory position at the CIA for allegedly leaking classified information. She denies it, but the CIA thinks she might have been a source for the Dana Priest story in The Washington Post about secret CIA prisons.

She has been applauded by Sen. John Kerry and others on the left for exposing the truth.

Let's see. The anti-Bush people want Rove frog-marched across the White House lawn, but it's OK for McCarthy to expose a secret interrogation program. In fact, she got a Pulitzer and The Washington Post thinks that's right and proper.

Plus, Rove frog-marched, but not much interest in finding the leaker who told James Risen about the secret NSA wiretapping program that listened to Al Qaeda talking to Americans. That leak was fine to The New York Times and The Washington Post and the others howling for Rove's head.

I thought Rove should get a medal. They think the CIA agents working against Bush should get medals.

Add to that Zarqawi and bin Laden threatening us again this week.

Zarqawi said the worst is yet to come. Gee, he plans to trump 9/11.

We've got a lot of dots to connect here, don't we?

Terrorists want to kill us. Bush wants to get them first. The liberal press wants to expose his efforts to do that and stop him. And when one of his assistants exposes the felonious leakers hiding in their CIA offices, the lib press wants him hanged but the others left alone.

So would I be right to conclude that The Washington Post and The New York Times are on Zarqawi and bin Laden's side?

The trail of crumbs sure heads in that direction, but I guess it would be too much to say that.

Wouldn't it?

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