G. Gordon Liddy on Call to Boycott U.S. Companies in Mexico

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," April 26, 2006, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: It's called "Nothing Gringo." Next Monday, Mexicans south of the border say they'll boycott all things American to protest immigration efforts here in our country. Smart idea? Let's ask radio talk show host G. Gordon Liddy.

So this "Nothing Gringo" day means no McDonald's, no Wal-Mart, none of the American companies that are down there. You think Americans are going to notice this?

G. GORDON LIDDY, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: I think Americans are going to notice this. This is yet another incidence of these people biting the hand that feeds them. It's going to be saying, in effect, as waving all those Mexican flags in those big orchestrated parades that they had.

I think the American people are getting more and more fed up with these people and this will just aggravate the American people further. It is counter productive from the point of view of the Mexicans.

GIBSON: Well, why do you suppose they're doing it? I mean, the people who are organizing these protests in Mexico read the papers here. They certainly see all the news about the arguments about immigration laws. They certainly must know that the American public didn't react very well to those mass demonstrations. So what's the point?

LIDDY: I think the point is to demonstrate their anti-Americanism and that's fine. Let them stay down in Mexico and be anti-American and let the ones that are here go back down to Mexico and be anti-American. That's fine with me and fine with my listeners.

You know, I've had four people call in to my nationally syndicated program who are in favor of this amnesty guest worker nonsense. I put up on my Web site, liddyshow.com, a petition that had three things in it.

One, make it a crime to employ one of these people. Two, build a fence all the way across the border. And three, absolutely forbid any kind of Congress having any kind of guest-worker program. Tens of thousands had signed it within 10 days. All they had to do was go to liddyshow.com and click on the petition.

GIBSON: So what do you think of the fact that the president seems to be going along with various kinds of proposals which would essentially absorb the 11 million illegals already here?

LIDDY: I think the president is absolutely right on Iraq and he's 180 degrees wrong on the illegal immigration thing. We went through this exercise in 1986 during another Republican administration, that of Ronald Reagan, whom I support and still think was a wonderful man.

The promise then was, "Look, we'll just take in these three million and we will seal the border." They didn't even begin to seal the border and now we've got anywhere from 12 to 20 million and if we do it again we'll have 50 million in about another 20 years. It is crazy.

GIBSON: G. Gordon Liddy, host of "The G. Gordon Liddy Show," thanks a lot.

LIDDY: You're welcome sir.

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