'FOX News Sunday' Reaches Milestone

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On Wednesday night there was a "FOX News Sunday" party in Georgetown. The show, now hosted by Chris Wallace, celebrated 10 years of being on the air. The show is on FOX Broadcast and re-airs on Sunday afternoons on FOX News Channel (where you also see our show). People often get FOX BROADCAST and FOX NEWS CHANNEL confused.

If you have been watching "FOX News Sunday" for several years, you know that before Chris started hosting the show, Tony Snow hosted it. Tony, of course, has a new job (announced yesterday, but official on May 8). He is the new White House press secretary. Tony was at the party (see the pictures in my photo essay) and of course was being asked about his new job.

The party was fun — although I did not stick around. I spent less than 30 minutes at the party. I raced across town to the party from our bureau, said "hi" to a number of people and then bolted back across town to get ready for our show. As I was leaving, Vice President Cheney was arriving, but I did not see him. As I was leaving, I noted that the vice president was in a car with tinted windows outside the restaurant. I suspect that he was waiting for the "green light" from the Secret Service to enter and not just avoiding everyone at the party! It was obvious when I arrived at the party that he — or the president — might be coming since the Secret Service was "sweeping" the restaurant and had dogs sniffing all the cars that pulled up.

At the party were also many members of Congress — both Republican and Democratic. Many of my New York colleagues traveled to D.C. for the party — Shep Smith, Laurie Dhue and others. I imagine many other guests arrived who you would know but, as noted above, I was there only a short time since I wanted to get back to get ready for our show.

Note: I also posted today pictures taken by my colleague Shayla Bezdrob. She sent the pics from Aruba. Click here to see the pics.

Now for some of your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Here in Pekin, Illinois, gas is "just" a penny under $3 for unleaded regular. You bet I'm not driving, walking as much as my health will let me. AND the jackasses that don't think you pronounce "Holloway" correctly, sure are not from the Midwest! Yes, it's hard to understand the videophones, BUT better than no news at all.
God bless you,
Janet Mann
Pekin, IL

E-mail No. 2

After reading many of the e-mails on your daily blog, I'm amazed that your show hasn't been pulled off the air. You obviously don't do much right!
Your wardrobe is all wrong. You don't know how to pronounce words correctly. Your Aruba guests can't be understood because you use such lousy sound equipment. Natalee Holloway and the Duke scandals don't interest anyone. At least today we learned the latest tip on how to get a cab when leaving a bar/party. After trying to follow the moronic ramblings of A.M., (no sorry, that is E.M. in the Aruban tradition of identifying persons of interest), I can't help but wonder whether E.M. might be slightly freakish himself?
Thank goodness, there were a few positive comments along the way to lighten the load. Why did all the people with complaints take the time to e-mail you after (according to them) having wasted their time watching your show?
Hey, this is America and we all have the right to freely speak our minds. I just say "'Atta girl, Greta"! You are always open, thorough, and fair in reporting the news and in selecting the e-mails for your nightly blog. Keep up the great work!

E-mail No. 3

I believe Joe's objection states that he talked to a woman who thinks she is Jane Doe. Karin Martina may not be the individual Helen Lejuez spoke of, and there were three women mentioned in JQK's Complaint. I'm concerned about what Joe's objection says about Beth's claims she was threatened, although Harold Copus says he was threatened while in Aruba to stop investigating the case.
I agree with your statement the other day — it's time we get the facts on this and move on — for all concerned. Hard to watch Beth and Dave going through this.
Great coverage!
Lynn Luchtenburg
Chicago, IL

E-mail No. 4 — The next few e-mails relate to teacher Pamela Rogers. She got out of jail after doing time for having sex with a 13-year-old student and now is accused of violating her terms of release by sending him nude pics and video. She is back in jail and may end up staying there for some time:

A woman who would do this (continue to send pictures, etc.) to a minor is just as guilty as a man. My son is not any less a potential victim than my daughter. Just because a man might look back at this as a successful conquest later in life does not make it any less a crime. A minor is a minor!
Cathe Cleveland
Birmingham, AL

E-mail No. 5

Good grief — everyone needs to face it that if the teacher were ugly, they would have put her in prison for years. Also, if it had been a man — throw away the key. The good ol' boys on your show are acting like lovesick puppies saying the poor woman — aka bimbo — needs help and is mentally ill. Ha! So are the other sex offenders and they too need to be put away for life.

E-mail No. 6

Your all male panel has a double standard for female pedophiles. They are wrong, you need to lose them. I agree with you, if it were a man there would be no doubt what your panel would be says, "fry him!"
Tullahoma, TN

E-mail No. 7

One thought on saving on gas — INSTEAD of a 2nd car, why not a small motor scooter? They are great for those short hops to stores, schools, appointments, commuting, etc., instead. (I have a basket in back that loads much, vertically, using bungie cords.) And, there's many other benefits besides $ gas savings! Easy, free parking... no car insurance... avoiding heavy traffic... its maneuverability over cars... fun and freedom of the ride to name a few. I've been driving them for over 20 years with no fender benders or accidents. Go SCOOT ("Scooters Overcome Oil Tariffs")
San Diego, CA

E-mail No. 8

I would like to tell John Roberts of Sydney, Australia and others that the reason the accuser is spoken of as the stripper rather than as the student is that that is the context in which they knew her. That was why she was there. They did not know her in any other area.
JoAnn Moore
Edgewater, FL

E-mail No. 9

"Now for a question to you: How are the rising gas prices influencing you?"
Answer: They're killing me! Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, some stations are already about $3.10/gallon for regular. We're hearing via local news that we may be looking at $5 or more/gallon by this summer. This is absolutely ridiculous! I drive an SUV and it gets decent gas mileage (about 26/hwy, compared to some larger ones that get less). It costs me between $50-$60/full tank. Because of this, I find that I don't go out unless I have to (food, work, grouped errands). Public transportation isn't an option for me due to my work location and hours at work. I feel sorry for those folks who are self-employed. I have a friend in Mobile, AL who drives about 180 miles/day and is filling his tank up 3-4 times/week. He's paying $20-$25 each time. I think it's awful that the gas/oil companies are gloating over their profits because they have the American public over a barrel — literally — due to their price gouging. Yeah, I said it: Price gouging. When they gloat even more, "Wait until you see next quarter's earnings!" to their stockholders, then it's pretty much a done deal in my book that these "businessmen" are just jacking up prices to make money hand over fist, not giving a care to the folks who have to depend on cars, airlines, or trucks to do or get to work. It's a shame, and they should get slapped really hard by the government... wait, the government who favors big business? Oh, silly me, I must've dozed off and dreamed out loud.
Love the show, Greta! Keep up the wonderful work that you do.
Beth Coyle

E-mail No. 10

I was almost sick when I heard that Mr. Snow got the job as WHPS. I will miss him on FNC. The thing that really makes me sick is he is so nice and has had so many health problems. I know that he CAN stand up for himself when needs to, but I have seen some of those press briefings and wonder if he can handle that hostile crowd day after day without it affecting his health. I wish him well but sure hope it is not the death of him.
Ellen Ball

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