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Did you hear the news about our colleague Tony Snow? He is going to be the new White House press secretary. Most recently, Tony has hosted a radio show on FOX News Radio. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, if you know Tony, you like him. He is a very nice guy and I have enjoyed being his colleague. I have never met anyone who has not liked Tony very much.

I am curious what factors convinced him to take the job. I have not spoken to him about the job because Tony works mornings ("The Tony Snow Show") and I work nights ("On the Record"). I have not run into him. Since he started his radio show, we only occasionally run into each other in the halls at the D.C. bureau. Perhaps Tony is taking this job because he is up for a new adventure and a huge challenge. He sure is getting both.

Likewise, we at FOX News now have a new challenge. In doing our jobs, we must be sure that we are not swayed by friendship and must develop a professional — and perhaps sometimes adversarial — relationship with Tony. His job is very important to both the president and the American people — he can't pull punches and neither can we. Bottom line: We must all be smart about doing our jobs, which means open, thorough and fair. Our job for the American people is to ask questions of our White House and get answers.

Now for a question to you: How are the rising gas prices influencing you?

Finally, here are some of your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I am so tired of people e-mailing about your wardrobe selections. Maybe you should start requiring all e-mailers to attach a photo of themselves, so we all have the opportunity to see why they are self-proclaimed fashion experts.

ANSWER: Interesting idea.

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta Fans,
Please be more accepting of the way different people pronounce different words. Our country is diverse and so are our accents in different parts of the country. [This is] in reference to those who keep wasting time correcting Greta on how she pronounces "Holloway."
Get a life... and in that life, be more accepting of differences.

E-mail No. 3

In your latest blog, you asked “Why did Reade Seligmann walk two blocks from the party house to get his cab?”
I can think of a pretty reasonable explanation. If you have ever been at bar when it is closing or a house party that is winding down (strippers stopped dancing in this case), you would know there is always a “rush for cabs.” This generation does not drink and drive like your generation did in college. When these guys go out they rely on taxis to get home, so does everyone else. It is not hard to picture what may have happened here.
Words are exchanged, strippers stop dancing and many present at the party decide to start heading for the door. By getting a taxi a block or two away you are more likely to get the cab you have ordered and less likely to have the others leaving the party hijack your cab. Especially as a sophomore on the team. If you wait for the cab in front of the house everyone else looking to move the party elsewhere will be jumping at the first cab that arrives. I’m sure the seniors would have told the younger guys to wait for the next one.
This happens all the time. Walk a few blocks away from the bar/party, separate yourself from a rowdy bunch and grab the first cab. Grab some cash, order late night food and head home.
Ryan T. Mulrooney

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I really like Tony Snow. I have to say, I wouldn't wish that thankless job on my worst enemy! I wish him the best, but God only knows what he was thinking taking that job!
Comments on the blog:
You look really nice in your red blazer. Don't stop wearing red. Yes, it's a power color but you are a powerful lady! It's a great color with your hair.
I don't care how many people criticize you for following the Holloway case, it's a great ongoing lesson for all of us in many ways about the dangers of being on foreign soil when a crime occurs. It makes me think twice about which countries are on my list of places to go.
One of my friends is currently vacationing on the Sinai Peninsula with her husband. They were not injured in the blasts yesterday. However, when they return I will get some input for you on how the Egyptian police "investigate." Don't you find it amazing the way they round people up? Her husband is a professional photographer so if there are any really interesting shots I will ask if I can send to you. I'm sure they are being very cautious.
Have a great night.

E-mail No. 5

Hey Greta,
Why is it so hard to understand Tito and the people when you talk to them in Aruba? It is very hard to understand them. Why is this?
Shirley S.

ANSWER: Our guests in Aruba are on videophone and the videophone is not always a great way to do it. Sometimes it is our only option.

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
According to, Brett Favre is returning for the 2006 season! I love your shows — however for one night I wish you would skip talking about Natalee Holloway or the Duke scandal case. Cover other stories for one night.

E-mail No. 7

Why would I even care about a bunch of college liberals and what they do anyway? Why do all the news shows keep on this story anyway? Who cares about a bunch of freaks anyway? I am starting to think the news shows are a bunch of freaks and our country is turning into a bunch of freaks.
Edward Michaels
Springfield, MO

E-mail No. 8

I know you are all trying, but no one can understand Tito. Whether it be audio, visual, or English language problems — it is absolutely, almost completely impossible to understand a word this guy is saying. Because of this, people do their best to translate, but that can also be misleading. Please, Greta — this is 2006. Rick Levanthal in Iraq comes in clearer than Tito. Please demand better communications.

E-mail No. 9

Dear Greta,
Why do people persist in identifying the student who allegedly raped "a stripper," as opposed to a "student." Is it OK to rape a stripper — i.e., she must have asked for it? I don't know what happened, but in my book once a woman says "no" then that is it. It doesn't matter what went before: No means no!
John R. Thomas
Sydney, Australia

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