Model Behavior

It's been awhile since we had a star-studded lineup like we presented today.

First off, Judge Napolitano filled in for Tiki Barber — who seems to have fallen in love with FOX 5's morning show — and he did his usual stellar job. I feel so bad that Jerry Rice's inability to stop talking ran over the Judge's book plug, so I will make up for it now by blogging that his book, "The Constitution in Exile," is out and flying off the shelves. Of course, many of you would expect me to write a book this deep, cutting edge and law-oriented, but the Judge seems to be good at the legal stuff too.

Oh, you want to know who else was on the show? Well, Ace from "American Idol," actor Andy Garcia, Miss USA and, as I mentioned before, All World wide out, Jerry Rice.

As for you the viewer, once again you picked "immigration" as your "Choose the news" topic — shocker! I know, you are full of passion on the topic and even Sen. Lott mentioned to me on the radio that he has not seen a more emotional issue on his docket than illegal immigration and how it relates to border control.

On a side note: I am surprised many do not see the problem with the world's current crop of supermodels. From the Danish May Andersen, who attacked a flight attendant, to Naomi Campbell, who attacks most people, to the drugged Kate Moss, our super models are letting us down. I urge all our viewers to stop dating all super model and catwalk queens until they prove to all of us they can behave. I know, it will be tough for many of you, but please show the super models we have our standards/limits before it's too late.

The "American Idol" franchise continues to treat "FOX & Friends" wonderfully and they lived up to their word and brought over their biggest star to date, Ace. The "Colorado Crooner" was stopped at seven, but charmed the national audience with his talent and disposition. He has one thing going for him that few on "Idol": the ability to write music. And he was on his way to stardom before the series. He also was kind enough to call my wife's good friend, Phyllis, at home and sing into her voicemail, which was beyond cool!

Finally, it's wonderful to have Kiran back — even if she has a cold — and a special thumbs-up to Miss USA. She is Kentucky's first winner and, if there is any justice in the world, she will ascend to Miss Universe later this week.

Thanks for keeping us No. 1 and please let us know how we can stay that way. We may not answer every e-mail, but we read them and are more then open to your feedback.


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