Ivana Trump Plays Matchmaker on New Reality Show

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," April 24, 2006, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: It is your typical love story with a small twist: Rich, older woman meets nice, young man. Young man competes for her attention. Ivana Trump picks the winner. It all falls into place in the span of a two-hour special called "Ivana Young Man." Here to talk about it is Ivana Trump.

So who is the young man competing with? Other young men I take it?

IVANA TRUMP, "IVANA YOUNG MAN": Well, you know, hi John. Good evening, by the way.

GIBSON: Thank you.

TRUMP: The young men are from all walks of life. There are six of them. Some of them are from all walks of life. Some of them are nice guys. Some of them are little jerks, but you need it. We have a surfer. We have a teacher. We have an engineer.

And they are competing for this young lady, Kathy, which is 40 years old, which has been through a bad marriage, two children, older husband, and she just wants to go and enjoy her life. And she wants to have a companion. So it's not about getting married or something. It's about really getting two people together to have a ball.

GIBSON: Well, isn't this easy? I mean, you just pick out the tallest, the handsomest, the studliest one in the crowd, and he's the winner.

TRUMP: Well, she actually did from the beginning. And I had to really step in because she would just look at this one guy and she fell madly in love with him. So I had to do certain steps that she actually paid attention to other guys. In the end it just worked out fine. So there were a lot of twists. And I have these guys, and I'm putting them through minor hell.

And my girl, which is there, she is discussing everything. I am her shoulder to cry on, and I am guiding her through the process. And I'm actually eliminating the guys myself, but the last two she really has to choose on her own.

GIBSON: Are these serious relationships or is this truly a boy toy?

TRUMP: You know, it's not supposed to be really serious. And they're not going to get married. Maybe they will. I honestly don't know. It was really putting two people together who wants to enjoy their life.

Because as I said — and this is how the whole show came about — is I'd rather be a babysitter than be a nursemaid. And I personally date the younger guys because I have so much energy, and I travel around the world. And I'm very sporty. And I really need a younger guy in this stage of my family. And I don't want to start a family. I just want to have good companion and enjoy my life.

GIBSON: Are these guys in it for the money?

TRUMP: They don't get money. No, they get $1,000 for something, for wardrobe, for food or whatever it is. They are not there for the money. But, you never know. There might be hidden agendas, you know, to get on television, sort of for enhancing their careers.

But I believe we went through about 10,000 guys in America until we chose the six guys. And, you know, like I said, they were equally gentle. They were there or they said they were there for to really compete for this girl's heart and relationship.

GIBSON: You can catch "Ivana Young Man" this Saturday, April 29, at 8 p.m. Eastern on the Oxygen Network.

Ivana Trump, thank you very much.

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