Duke Investigation Requires Patience

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If you watched last night, you know that we got up early yesterday and did a day trip to Durham, North Carolina, to do a "walk and talk" — meaning that we went to the various scenes and spoke to a reporter to answer our questions. While going to the scene is not necessary to cover stories, it makes it easier to cover the stories. When I tried cases, I always went to the scene of the alleged crime so that I better understood the allegations. Last night we showed you some of the tape we shot yesterday, but not all. If time permits, we are going to post on this blog more of the tape that we did not show you last night. You might want to check the blog later to see if it is posted so that you can watch it.

To give you a better idea of the story, I also took some pictures and they are posted. Click on the text to the right of this blog to see the pictures. The pics show you, among other things, the neighborhood where the party occurred (601 Buchanan).

After going to the Duke, a few questions stuck with me, for instance: Why did Reade Seligmann walk two blocks from the party house to get his cab? Is there some explanation? And where did the exotic dancers go after leaving the party? Did they go directly to the Kroger store to make the complaint to the security guard?

Many, many, many questions remain in this investigation. If you have made up your mind about what happened, I think you have done so prematurely. There is still much to know about this investigation.

One other little piece of information: Collin Finnerty, one of the two Lacrosse players indicted in North Carolina, is due in court Tuesday in Washington, D.C. He was arrested last year for assault and put into a "diversion program" — meaning that the charge of assault in D.C. would be dropped if he stayed out of trouble for a certain period of time (usually a year). Because he has been arrested for and charged with rape, he may have violated his agreement with the diversion program and risks having the assault charge reinstated. Thus Finnerty is in court today to respond to the question of whether he violated his diversion program or not. It is likely the judge's decision whether he violated the diversion program or not will be postponed until after the rape charges in North Carolina are resolved.

Now for some e-mails — as usual, randomly grabbed from the show account:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
My husband and I try to watch your show every night — we enjoy it! We have mixed opinions on your red blazer: He thinks it makes you look "forceful" and "commanding," I think the red color is overpowering you.
Has anyone else commented on it?
Jennifer Dooley

E-mail No. 2

Others have told you about this and you persist! Please stop pronouncing those poor peoples' name Hal-o-way. It is Hollow-way!

E-mail No. 3

Do you remember the question common to an old TV comedy series "Car 54, Where Are You?" I can't remember if that was the actual title of the show or just a line common to the series. I also can't remember who starred in it, but I think it was a comedian the likes of "Maxwell Smart" — remember him?
But where is Greta tonight? Washington, New York, Aruba, or none of the above? You travel so often that viewers never know until show time where you're coming from!
Disabled Vietnam Vet.
Southwest VA

ANSWER: Yes, travel is a big part of this job. Last week I was in Houston. Monday, it was Durham, North Carolina. And I leave very soon for New York City (Tuesday's show is out of NYC!)

E-mail No. 4

After tonight's exciting coverage about the Holloway case, maybe you could provide some exciting coverage about these topics:
1) Elvis still dead.
2) Hitler still dead.
3) Developments in the Jimmy Hoffa case.
4) Lassie still dead.
Kevin Kuiper
Formerly an interested listener

E-mail No. 5

You're kidding me right? Mr. Van der Sloot has a lawyer now to sue people for hurting his feelings? I don't care what his lawyer thinks, people don't have to say Van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers are rapists and murderers, they already know it and crying that we are ruining his life when he and his friends raped and ended Natalee's and now trying to make a profit off of it is ridiculous. Any money he would make off a lawsuit should go right to Mrs. Twitty and Mr. Holloway to help pay for the search down in Aruba seeing Joran and his friends don't want to just come clean. Also, people can say what they want: it's called the First Amendment.

E-mail No. 6

Greta and Producer,
I watched the interview with Joran van der Sloot's attorney with interest.
I am an attorney who has specialized in high profile and celebrity defamation lawsuits for the last 12 years. Until my recent move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, I worked with (and was trained by) my father who was the lawyer for Carol Burnett in her landmark case against the National Enquirer. Over the years, the media has consulted with me about many high profile cases. In fact, a couple of years ago, when Gary Condit sued the National Enquirer, I appeared on MSNBC's "The Abrams Report."
Joran's lawyer's threat of a slander suit was interesting. One particular point of interest is that if such a suit is filed in the United States, Joran will have the burden of proving that the allegations he claims are defamatory (rapist, murderer, etc.) are false. If this potential lawsuit is something that you would be interested in exploring further on your show, I would be happy to appear as a guest.
Please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address or by phone.
Thank you,
Mitchell Langberg

E-mail No. 7

I have followed the news reports on FOX News — the only news channel — and I believe that the second dancer has something to do with the rape. Has the DA done any investigation concerning her whereabouts and why it took so long for her to get to Kroger's parking lot? I have had a suspicion about the second dancer, since she contacted a PR agency to put a spin on things her way to be noticed. It's odd that she is starting to remember things after she hears it on the news.
Port Charlotte, FL

E-mail No. 8

What the hell, G! Back in 1969 NASA had better audio/video communication with the moon landing astronauts than you have with the folks in Aruba.
Pull it together Greta! You owe it to those of us that watch your show.
Pacific Grove, CA

ANSWER: You are referring to the videophone.

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