Model May Andersen May Be Kicked Out of U.S.

Clawing catwalker May Andersen -- whose alleged mile-high clubbing of a flight attendant got her locked up in a Miami jail -- could be kicked out of the country Monday.

Andersen wasn't even allowed to clear customs when she landed Thursday in Miami after an in-flight flare-up with a flight attendant. Instead the crabby covergirl was arrested and charged with battery on a flight attendant, resisting arrest without violence and disorderly conduct.

She faces an arraignment on the criminal charges next month.

But first, Andersen must appear before an immigration judge on the incident Monday. If the jurist comes down hard on the model, she may be forced to leave the country.

Even if she is allowed to stay, Andersen won't be here for long -- a publicist said she plans to return home to Copenhagen.

Andersen cooled her high heels at a women's detention center Friday night before being released Saturday evening on $3,000 bond, according to Janelle Hall, a spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade County Jail.

Although a judge could deport Andersen on the charges, her lawyer, Robert Rosenblatt, said he was hoping for a positive outcome.

"We want to keep her status here on the good side," the lawyer said. "She does work a lot in the United States."

Andersen lives in New York City's West Village much of the year.

Rosenblatt said her plans to return to New York anytime soon were "up in the air."

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