Erupting Volcano Causes More Evacuations in Peru

Authorities evacuated some 200 people from their southern Peruvian village in the shadow of the erupting Ubinas volcano Sunday, an official said.

Sixteen families from the southern Andean town of Querapi were evacuated to a village three hours away, Alfredo Siu, the regional director of the Civilian Institute in Arequipa, told The Associated Press.

About 60 other residents had already been evacuated from the same village over the past three days.

Some families refused to be evacuated, fearing they would lose their livestock and belongings, Siu said.

President Alejandro Toledo issued a state of emergency for the area Saturday after Ubinas — about 470 miles southeast of the capital, Lima — spewed acid-laden ash and vapors into the air, killing livestock and causing eye and respiratory problems for nearby residents.

The volcano started erupting in February.

Between 40 to 60 livestock, including vicuna and llamas, died near the slopes of the crater, and many more were reported ill, probably from drinking acid-contaminated water or eating ash-coated grass.

Toledo sent a plane full of tents, blankets, food and medicine to the area Sunday.