TomKat Used Decoy Cars to Leave Hospital

Team TomKat created subterfuge worthy of a "Mission: Impossible" movie to keep their newborn daughter under wraps.

Katie Holmes gave birth to baby Suri at about 3 a.m. Tuesday at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, Calif. -- and then bolted the medical center only 12 hours later with her baby's papa, Tom Cruise, in tow. They jumped into a black Ford Excursion SUV and fled, sources said.

Two more identical Excursions left the facility at the same time and were driven to decoy locations -- including a Scientology center in Los Angeles.

One crazed man, TomKat's self-confessed "No. 1 fan" -- inexplicably holding a sign that said Yahtzee! -- handed out cigars and sported a T-shirt printed with a crying baby and the words "Yes Suri!" on it.

"Kate was, and is, an absolute champ," Cruise said after the delivery, The Sun newspaper of Britain said.

Cruise stroked Holmes' face and held her hand to help her stay silent during the birth of their daughter, in accordance with Scientology guidelines, The Sun said.

Meanwhile, talk about a Mission Impossible: Promoting a movie the day after Cruise and his soon-to-be bride Holmes had their first child together.

Cast members of "Mission: Impossible III" did what they could Wednesday to talk up the film without the help of Cruise, who canceled media interviews because of the Tuesday birth. But the big news was still the baby.

"Well, I'm thrilled for them, as a couple," the American-born Hong Kong film star Maggie Q told AP Television News. "That's an exciting thing for anyone, really. But, I mean, especially for them, because he loves being a father."

A spokesperson from the film's distributor, Paramount Pictures, said Cruise may reschedule media interviews for Friday. The film opens in U.S. theaters on May 5.

Some of Cruise's co-stars didn't want to talk about the couple's relationship.

"I don't talk about my own private life, like I'm gonna talk about his?" asked Laurence Fishburne. "I'm not gonna talk about his private life. His private life is his private life."

Keri Russell said she at least partially understood the public's fascination with the actors' offspring.

"I think it's natural to feel like you know people that you see," she said. "It's just like it's a fairy tale. You're watching these archetypes. You're watching them and you're trying to find connections with your own life, and those are two very accessible people."

Others said the paparazzi, who had been camped out in front of the couple's home waiting for the baby's arrival, should be regulated.

"There's gonna be a bill passed sooner or later that's gonna draw a line," actor Ving Rhames said. "We have to just think about, 'What have we become? Why is all of this fuss over another human being?'"

The Associated Press contributed to this report.