Bush Approval at New Low

More Americans disapprove than approve of how George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Congress are doing their jobs, while a majority approves of Condoleezza Rice. President Bush’s approval hits a record low of 33 percent this week, clearly damaged by sinking support among Republicans.

President Bush’s job approval rating slipped this week and stands at a new low of 33 percent approve, down from 36 percent two weeks ago and 39 percent in mid-March. A year ago this time, 47 percent approved and two years ago 50 percent approved (April 2004). Read more.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"The president is being blamed for every problem known to mankind. The Democratic Party will say anything to detract from his programs and his popularity, even at great cost to this country. Mistakes have been made, but put into a legitimate perspective, he's doing a lot better than he's being given credit for. If the election were held tomorrow, I'd still vote for him rather than either of his two former opponents or anyone who the Democrats have posed to date. What we really need is a viable, centrist third party to shake the Democrats and Republicans out of their business-as-usual mode." — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"Bush = Worst President Ever — It is as simple as that." — Danny (Austin, TX)

"I am so very proud of President Bush and I think he is doing a marvelous job in very difficult times." — Joan

"He has been the best president during these challenging times. God bless America." — Peter (Atlanta, GA)

"He has been a major disappointment, especially on immigration and the economy. Not to mention — WHERE IS USAMA BIN LADEN?! I blame him for the slow decline of my party." — Jake (Las Vegas, NV)

"Our president has made the bed we all have to sleep in, and I'm uncomfortable. Bush needs to step into the real world. It didn't help Bush when he blamed medicare and social security as the culprit to overspending, and not the Iraq war. Is he stupid, or is it me? Who's holding our highest debt in our nation's history? And for what? Iraq was never a threat to the U.S. That's funny if there wasn't so much blood everyday." — John (Sturgis, SD)

"The American people have to look at themselves because they are to blame. They voted for him. After 9/11 they shamefully hid their heads in the sand and let this puppet and his puppeteers hijack our country. Since he has been president, our surplus has diminished, our debt is astronomical, the world is nowhere near as safe as it was, Usama bin Laden is still at large, he has eroded our democracy and our civil rights, he has made a quagmire of Iraq, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Hold on to your hats folks, he has three more years left to muck things up — and YOU are to blame." — Kip (Toronto, ON, CAN)

"Unemployment is at an all-time low, planes aren't flying into our buildings, and taxes are low. What keeps me from giving the president an A+ is a skyrocketing deficit and the eleven million illegals protesting in our own country. If he could shore up those two issues and reign in gas prices he'd get a top score from me." — Christina (Washington)

"Bush is terrible! I could go on forever. So I'll just sum it up in that one word. Without some miracle oil fix, some huge tax break, or bringing our troops home, he will never win the people back." — Kevin (Concord, NH)

"I think that Bush is doing a great job." — John (Saint James, NY)

"The worst. Every president has ups and downs, but this administration will go down in history as one of the most incompetent. It is almost becoming a joke. One blunder after another. But President Bush seems unfazed, grinning through it all. Just like Alfred E. Newman's 'What, me worry?' As for Condi's approval rating being higher, that's like giving the doorman kudos as the building is falling down behind him." — Jack (New York, NY)

"Bush is doing exactly what he believes to be best for our nation based on the knowledge and intelligence data that he and his staff have access to each day, rather than making decisions based on the popularity polls. Many Americans base their feelings on his popularity with very few actual facts and information derived from the mainly liberal media. Likewise, the Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, seem to be more interested in their own political lives and reelections than doing what is best for the nation. We are indeed fortunate to have President Bush as our leader at a time of great difficulty in our nation's history." — Jim (North Carolina)