Around the House: Power Lawn Equipment

April is National Garden Month and Home Depot's David White has some tips on products that will help tame your unruly backyard!

• Black & Decker Alligator Loppers — $99.00

6" bar and chain allow you to cut branches up to 4" in diameter
4.5 Amp motor is powerful enough for heavy cutting while minimizing the weight

Great for tree pruning, cutting larger limbs and branches up to 4" in capacity, cutting clusters of smaller branches and storm cleanup
Easier to use than a manual lopper or hand saw

Full guarding around the bar and chain keeps user protected from cutting chain
Dual safety switching — note: user must activate switches on both handles in order to turn on the Lopper
Less intimidating to use than a traditional chain saw

Lightweight: Weighs only 6.5 lbs

Add a couple drops of oil before every use
If chain comes loose tighten with wrench that is provided in lopper packing

• Echo GT-200R Trimmer — $149.00

Low emission, 2-stroke commercial grade engine. This engine, as all ECHO engines, is certified with the government to have the longest useful life.
Extremely easy to start: The ECHO i-30 starter reduces the amount of pulling force required by 30 percent
Extremely light: This trimmer weighs a mere 9.3 pounds!
Curved shaft for better balance and control

Unique Rapid Loader Head:
Trying to wind line on a traditional spool is time consuming and frustrating. With Rapid Loader, merely pull out the old line and insert two new pre-cut lengths of line into the head. Line changes are lightning fast!

Two-year warranty for homeowners

Use only high quality engine oil. High performance engines need this for best lubrication and keep it clean burning.
Check and clean the air filter regularly. A clean air filter allows the engine to breathe easier and run at peak performance.
Drain the fuel tank and fuel line before long periods of storage. Put in fresh gasoline when you pull it out of storage.

• Honda Lawnmower — $499

Honda Smart Drive Variable Speed Transmission:
Easily vary your speed by rotating the innovative Smart Drive
Control lever or using the Power Grip position — This system was designed by Honda R&D in conjunction with an ergonomic specialist to insure easy operation.
The design incorporates an actual transmission that incorporates a robust cone clutch design for positive engagement and long life durability.

Honda's Roto-Stop Blade Brake Clutch:
Allows for the engine to run without the blades engaged — allows user to move toys or sticks out of the way when mowing without stopping and restarting the engine.
Blade starts and stops with a simple two-step engagement.
Also allows self propelling without the blade engaged

Honda's Twin Blade system insures superior bagging, mulching and discharge performance.

When mulching (using the provided mulch plug) the smaller clippings decompose quicker returning return nutrients to your lawn.

When bagging smaller clippings pack tighter so you empty the bag less often

• Tune in next Saturday for Landscaping and Gardening 101 tips.