Iraqi Prime Minister Won't Resign

Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari insisted Wednesday on another term, saying it is "out of the question" he will step down. Al-Jaafari's comments, made in a nationally televised news conference, mean the political deadlock is likely to continue.

Sunni and Kurdish objections to al-Jaafari, whom Shiites have nominated to a new term, have stalled efforts to form a unity government four months after national elections. Read more.

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"Al-Jaafari must stand his ground! A leader cannot simply give up and quit when faced with problems. They are trying to form a new government, which I have never taken part of, but I can only guess at the obstacles and difficulties. Will this be the reaction of the prime minister to every problem? The Sunni and Shiite population will never see eye to eye, let alone the other minority groups. Compromise and perseverance is the key." — Mark (South Carolina)

"I think al-Jaafari better resign or risk losing support from the U.S. military. They have no government right now, and it is only causing the chaos in the country to continue. The U.S. needs to INSIST that this government impasse be settled, and NOW. If the U.S. does not want al-Jaafari, then he needs to go, or we can go." — Carol (AMSTA-LC-TC, Saudi Div.)

"The Iraqi prime minister should stand his ground and stay. There is a political process trying to be initiated. The peaceful transfer of power is the focus. This is what makes all representative governments successful and honorable. Be adults and mature in the administering of justice and leadership. This is what any civilization hopes to achieve." — Peter (Florida)

"Prime Minister al-Jaafari was elected democratically in a free and fair parliamentary vote. Just because other opposition political parties didn't like the outcome or are trying to position one of their own for the job doesn't mean the United Iraqi Alliance should give into sectarian politics. Mr. al-Jaafari should continue trying to form a unity government that's inclusive to all Iraqi sects." — Kevin (Tirrenia, Italy)

"I think it will make no difference who is prime minister of Iraq. I am sorry to be so critical, but I just don't see the Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurdish people ever getting along in any form of a free democratic government. I think the U.S. (with the best honest intentions) has done everything possible to help Iraq become a free, self-governing, democratic country. The U.S. Armed Forces have, to say the least, been absolutely heroic in their efforts to free Iraq, but the Iraqi people just don't get it. They simple cannot comprehend the idea of a free people, in a free democracy, and I don't think we in America actually understand that, in Iraq, religion and government are the same thing. Perhaps all that the U.S. can do is keep trying. Hopefully after the next generation of Iraqis have passed away, there will be a generation of Iraqis that are more open-minded, tolerant, and more dedicated to the principles of freedom." — Sam (Memphis, TN)

"Pull our troops out now!! Leave these arrogant, ignorant people to fend for themselves. Enough of our blood and capital has been spent on Bush's belief that God is talking to him. It's time God spoke to the Iraqis and told them we have had enough." — Bill (Virginia)

"Yes, we don't need to cater to prima donnas or egos when our boys lives are on the line. We need Irag to get their act together and stop acting like little boys in the playground. If he can't do the job, then someone else needs to. It must start happening now or his job won't exist for him to worry about. Maybe they could give him some job in government that would suit him better, but this obviously is not it." — D. (New Hampshire)

"Apparently, al-Jaafari is more concerned with his own political ambitions than he is about forming an Iraqi government. He should definitely step down and his Shiite cohorts should strongly encourage him to do so. Even though the Shiites have a majority, I would think that they would want a unified government and the ability to live in peace and freedom. Hopefully, someone will convince him to step down soon." — Ronni (New Jersey)