Cracking Identity Thieves' Chatroom Code

The following are extracts from one night's conversation in an Internet chatroom. The terms used are explained beneath each entry.

sotormi can cashout Epassporte Accounts 1 hour only msg me if you are interested........ THanks rippers F OFF

"Ripping" describes when one fraudster "defrauds" another by selling information that is already in circulation or is out of date. According to analysts, this happens just as often as the sale of valid information.

"These guys play tricks on each other which is partly bravado and ego," Dan Clements, CEO of, said. "It's them making a name for themselves in the underworld."

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[13 Legit Seller of Barclays, WellsFargo, Chase Logins, also Selling CC's and MSR For Very Cheap Prices. Payment By E-Gold.Buy From Verified Seller

An "MSR" is a device that recodes the magnetic strip on a swipe card.

"E-Gold", or digital gold, as it is sometimes referred to, is a currency that can be bought with a credit card to use as payment in return for goods and services, and is often used in chatrooms.

<^smuggler^ />4 I AM SELLING PHP MAILERS (10$-15$), HACKED HOSTS(10$-20$), EMAIL SPIDER + SERIAL(5$) 8(E-GOLD) 7ONLY +/@ verify first (need fresh cvv2)

"PHP mailers" are e-mail programs that are uploaded on to a hacked server and used to send out mass e-mails to give recipients the impression that they come from a legitimate source. They cost $10.

"Spiders" are data-gathering programs that hackers send in to company servers via their Web sites to grab e-mail addresses and other information.

12Selling Wells Fargo and Barclays Account For Reasonable Price, Also Have EU/US Dumps And 2006 Algos. Accept E-Gold Only. Rippers Stay The F*** Away

"Dump": another term for the information contained in the magnetic strip of a credit card.

4,1USA cvv2 with ssn, dob, drivers liscense, atm pin for sale. payment through e-gold only. msg me for deal.

"ssn": Social Security number

"dob": Date of birth