Duke Indictments

Well, Tuesday's biggest breaking news was delivered from Durham, North Carolina, where two Duke lacrosse players were arrested and accused of raping and kidnapping a 27-year-old stripper. We now know who — amongst the entire team — has been implicated: Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty.

Look for the prosecutor's office to start leaking out more details about the lack of off the field discipline that the Duke team has shown over the last two years. It has been confirmed that the lacrosse coach was warned by school officials about his team's behavior and the prosecutor's office will look to show a pattern. The defendants will point to a cop who says the accuser was drunk after the alleged rape had occurred, a security guard who first spotted her, caught on tape, saying there was no way she was abused and a time-stamped video showing her with bruises prior to her arrival at the players' house. It's just too bad race is playing a role in the protests. Even if the players are found innocent, their lives and careers will never be the same. Of course, you can say the same thing about the accuser, a 27-year-old mother of two, who will have a spotlight following her everywhere for many years to come.

Also, it was great to have two supreme athletes on our show: former Atlanta Falcons and Syracuse star-turned-author, Tim Green, and NBA legend Walt Frazier. Green has a new book out called "Kingdom Come" and Frazier talked playoff basketball and about his military base tour to honor the troops. Of course, the highlight of the show was interviewing Judge Napolitano about his new book, "Constitutional Exile."

In terms of war and politics, two heavyweights joined us on set: Gen. Ray Odierno and Joe Klein. Both seemed legitimately disenchanted with current situation at war and in politics. Klein points out that the last unscripted candidate was Robert Kennedy, but now the experts have manufactured our leaders and pollsters polluted the process. He claims a "straight talker" like John McCain is just what America needs and actually mentioned to me off camera that Hillary could be the Howard Dean of 2006 — a frontrunner who self-destructed in Iowa amongst the people.

As for General Odierno, I detected astonishment that we are being forced to talk about seven ex-generals who want Defense Secretary Rumsfeld to hit the road. However, as he knows, we can't look forward if we don't settle what's behind us. Gen. Odierno was much more interested in what is going on the ground — after all, he was in Iraq with the secretary of State last week.

We closed the show with an interview with "American Idol" castoff, Bucky Covington. We found him down to Earth and over the rejection that was served to him at the hands of "Idol" voters.

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