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To give you a bit of the behind the scenes: Saturday evening started out quiet for me. This was supposed to be a quiet holiday weekend, but in this business you have to be ready for the unexpected. It seems like the unexpected often does happen.

About 8:30 p.m. ET on Saturday night, my cell phone started ringing... and it continued all evening non-stop. It did not stop until I turned it off after midnight. Why the ringing? Word began spreading that an arrest had been made in Aruba. While I was on the first call I received, someone else called ("beeped in") — this went on for about 15 minutes. As soon as I had a break in the calls that had stated to come in, I contacted FOX News and gave them the heads up that I had been told that an arrest had been made. I was cautious with what I relayed to FOX because right from the beginning I heard two different stories about the arrests — including who was arrested.

I have also been "around the block" with stories out of Aruba and you really must sort through them to find the truth. Rumors seem to run wild around this story and when rumors are repeated enough times, people tend to think they are facts. The facts we felt safe going with early on — since they came from a statement from the chief prosecutor's office — was that the person arrested was 19 years old and the initials "GVC."

A few hours after my first call on the arrest, and after we had a chance to verify the arrest, I did a phoner on air. I hope I adequately conveyed to the viewers that while we were hearing much, the only facts we felt comfortable reporting were the age and initials. I admitted that we were hearing lots of things, but we were still working on separating fact from fiction.

It turned out that much of my evening was then spent making phone calls, with almost identical conversations with each person that went like this: "What have you heard? When did you hear that? Who told you? Are you sure? Why do you think that? Do you know why he was arrested? Is he a witness? A suspect? Do you know if he knows Joran? Deepak? Satish? Call me back if you hear anything...." Incidentally, to give you a complete idea of how we can sometimes gather news, I made all these calls while sitting on the floor. I had to plug my phone charger in since my phone battery was so low when I got the first call. During that first call, I unfortunately picked an outlet far from a chair and I was so busy on the calls I did not get up and move to an outlet near a chair! And don't tell me you have never done this! You've sat on the floor making calls!

I expect by 10 p.m. ET tonight we will have more information for you about the young man who was arrested and why. We all now have his name but we are in search of more information as to why he was arrested. Beth Holloway Twitty joins us tonight.

Tomorrow — very early — we hit the road for Houston. We will be on a plane about 8 a.m. ET. Any guesses as to who we are interviewing? The location of the interview is a clue.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I found this link to the International School in Aruba — if you scroll down to pages 4-6 and look at the right side, page 5, there is a listing for a "G. Croes" under the High School Basketball Team (as of May, 2005). The same name is also listed on the High School Swimming Team on page 6. I am wondering if this is the "G.V.C" person that was just arrested in the Holloway case? Seems like the right age and the person is apparently a friend of Joran's and the others...
Happy Easter,
Windsor, CA

E-mail No. 2

Greta, I watch your show every night. I just wanted to say a few words about these characters, Joran, and the Kalpoe Bros. I strongly believe that they know more then what they are saying, especially Deepak. Joran on the other hand, was too comfortable when you interviewed him. He stuttered a couple of times, meaning to me that he wasn't telling the truth. Greta, something tells me that one of Natalee's friends knows more then what she is telling. Every time I see her picture I get a strong vibe from her, she is the one with black hair. I strongly believe that she should be looked into more, and asked more questions. She is scared and knows more about what happened to her. Deepak, I feel he is the one who disposed of her body, believe me Greta, he was so angry at her while expressing himself to the agent. Why so angry at someone that he just met or came across to? Also Joran's father is also involved covering up for them.

E-mail No. 3

Just caught a bit of your report of the new arrest in the Holloway case... wonder, is this actually a break in the case or have the Aruban police farce just found someone they think they can pin it on so that the press will go away? I hate to be this suspicious of other cops... but you have to admit their record thus far has been less than stellar.
Lloyd Davidson
Lancaster, OH

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