Train-Truck Collision Kills Four in Greece

A passenger train crashed into a truck at a crossing in northern Greece on Sunday and derailed, killing four people and injuring at least 40.

Police said the truck driver, who was among the dead, apparently ignored a warning sign at the crossing two miles outside the city of Drama and crashed into the Intercity passenger train. The four-car train, with 110 passengers on board, had been heading from Thessaloniki to Alexandroupoli.

Andreas Kois, the country's fire brigade chief, said passengers were feared trapped in one of the three cars that derailed.

"We are waiting for a crane to lift one of the wagons, as we suspect several passengers are trapped underneath," Kois told The Associated Press. It was not immediately clear how many passengers were missing.

A survivor told ALPHA TV that one of the cars caught fire.

"The train was dragged across the track, people were falling on one another and the wagon I was in caught fire," said the woman, who had blood on her clothes. She did not give her name.

It was the second train accident in northern Greece in a month. In March, three people were killed when another passenger train hit a car at a rail crossing.