Pa. Murder Suspect Seemed Happy After Killings, Girlfriend Says

The man charged with killing six relatives appeared relaxed in the days after the Pennsylvania murders, according to his girlfriend who went out with the suspect after the alleged murders.

The teenage girlfriend of Jesse Dee Wise told the New York Daily News that he seemed happy, as he took her out for meals and talked with her about their baby girl.

Jesse Dee Wise, the grandson of the oldest victim, admitted killing his relatives and dumping their bodies in the basement of the family home, police said. He was charged Thursday with six counts of criminal homicide.

The visits came after Wise apparently had spent several days at the blood-stained house where the bodies of his grandmother, aunts and young cousins lay wrapped in blankets, according to authorities.

The 21-year-old Wise is in custody in Lancaster County, Pa. Police say he confessed to the killings. A coroner ruled the victims were all struck by a blunt instrument with "incredible force." Authorities have not released a motive.