Looming Deadline

Don't look now, but you've just entered the "FOX & Friends Weekend" Zone!

It's tax deadline folks! I'm sure most of you have filed already — but if you have not, tax attorney, Donna LeValley, will be here to help you get them done — and more importantly, give you some tips on how you can maximize your deductions!

On other issues that impact, we'll once again take aim at immigration, but this time, focus on how difficult it is — or isn't — to acquire legal status in this country. We will also focus a little on the political tug of war that is still simmering in Washington.

There may be some indictments coming down in the alleged Duke rape case. Craig Mitnick will give us insight into what we can expect.

On the entertainment side, Bill McCuddy will have "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" co-star Jonathan Pryce on the show. Jazz musician Erin Bode will be on hand to lighten up your day and we'll have some Easter treats for you! The Mount De Sales Academy from Macon Georgia, will sing some spiritual tunes for this high holy day and we will also help you with some Easter cooking tips for all the folks that you may be entertaining on Sunday.

Stay tuned!

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