Hot for Teacher

What's with the hot babe teachers trying to seduce underage boys?

The case of teacher Pamela Rogers in Tennessee is another one of those head scratchers.

The 28-year-old Rogers was rearrested two days ago and released on $10,000 bond. She had violated her parole, so now she's facing eight years in jail.

Here's what she did: She was convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old student and last August reached a plea deal in which she would serve nine months of her eight year sentence. This allowed her to avoid a trial on 28 charges of sexual battery and statutory rape.

She got out in February for good behavior and went right back to bad behavior.

Authorities say she set up a Web site though, and on that site she communicated with the victim's 17-year-old sister.

She addressed messages to the boy using his team jersey number and promising to wait for him for three years — till he was legal.

She even put pictures of herself in a bikini on the Web site to make sure the boy was hooked.

You can see why he would be. She's hot, very hot.

He's young, probably thinks this isn't such a bad deal.

She's not going to think it's such a great deal though.

Telling him she will wait for him till he's legal — I'm paraphrasing there, but you get the idea — is a violation of her early release parole and she could be sent back to serve the remaining of her eight-year sentence. She could be in jail for seven years.

Mary Kay Letourneau did precisely that. Seven years in the slammer waiting for her underage boyfriend/husband/father of her children.

All the same, you wonder why Pamela Rogers wouldn't just go into a bar where everyone is supposed to be legal and pick out someone who looks like her underage sweetheart.

It would have worked out better for her that way. She could pick a bad guy, somebody who treats her mean, somebody who wouldn't really love her, somebody who would cheat on her, somebody who would tell her lies and break her heart.

But she wouldn't be in a jail cell for seven years.

That's got to be an upside, wouldn't you think?

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