Hits and Misses

This is a partial transcript from "The Journal Editorial Report," April 8, 2006, that was edited for clarity.

PAUL GIGOT, HOST: Winners and losers, picks and pans, "Hits & Misses": It's our way of calling attention to the best and worst of the week.

Item one, instant replay is the talk of tennis circuit — Dan.

DAN HENNINGER, DEPUTY EDITOR: Well, yes, we can all recall, how watching tennis matches, we've seen Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe, the world going just totally over ballistic over line calls.

At the big Masters tournament, in Key Biscayne, this past weekend in Florida, they decided to use computers to do instant replay of line calls and let the players challenge two of them per set. And then the computer would say whether it was in or out.

Well, guess what? It turns out that the lines people are almost always right. These high-powered tennis players are almost always wrong. Maria Sharapova, the number one woman's player in the world, challenged the lines people 11 times. She was never right. Tim Henman went 0 for 6.

Now, all I can say, from the lesson is, on behalf of chair umpires and lines people, home plate umpires, baseball referees everywhere this the message stop whining and get out there and play ball.

GIGOT: To quote John McEnroe, Dan, "You can't be serious!"



GIGOT: All right. Thanks. Next, 18 Republicans do the right thing as the House imposes new limits on free speech, John?

JOHN FUND, OPINIONJOURNAL.COM: Paul the First Amendment says Congress shall make no law regarding freedom of speech. Well, a few years ago they started to do that with political speech, McCain-Feingold. That had the unintended consequence of creating 527, independent organizations, like George Soros' or Swift Boat Veterans. They are attacking Republican congressmen with admittedly misleading ads saying they are taking a six-week vacation, when actually it's a congressional work period back home.

But the Republicans are spooked by this they have passed additional restrictions this week in the House, on these groups, restricting free speech, 18 members, 18 Republicans voted against it; 14 of them also voted against prescription drug benefits a few years ago. Those 14 deserve to go into the principled hall of fame.

GIGOT: Yes, both parties are disgraceful on this thing. They've reversed themselves for exact opposite positions they took two, three years ago.

FUND: Paul, there may be a word in the dictionary beyond hypocrisy, it should describe this.

GIGOT: All right. Thanks.

Finally, a woman's group slams Exxon for sponsoring this week's Masters Golf Tournament — Steve?

STEVE MOORE, "THE WALL STREET JOURNAL": Paul, Martha Burke and the feminists are at it again. They are trying to ruin this wonderful golf tournament. You recall a few years ago, they tried to have Augusta open up to woman, because it's a men's club. This week, after they failed two years ago, they are back. They went to an ExxonMobil shareholders meeting and insisted that Exxon withdraw from its corporate sponsorship of the Masters. To its credit, Exxon did not cave in to the feminists. And their point is something that I think the feminists should understand. That both Exxon and the Augusta National should have the freedom to choose.

GIGOT: All right, Steve. Thanks.

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