Village People 'Cop' to Face Trial

The original policeman from the disco hitmakers the Village People was back in court Monday in San Mateo County where a judge decided there's enough evidence for him to face trial on drug-related charges.

Victor Edward Willis, 54, who's being held without bail in the Redwood City jail, has three cases pending against him, according to prosecutor Morly Pitt.

The first involves two felony charges, a probation violation and possession of cocaine, to which he's pleaded no contest, Pitt said. Sentencing on those charges is pending.

In the second, Willis pleaded no contest to cocaine possession and being a felon in possession of a gun. He was facing a maximum 16 months in state prison, but he failed to show up twice for a sentencing hearing last December.

Then, Willis was stopped again by police on March 26, for what began as a traffic violation, Pitt said. He and his passenger, Stacy Brandt, 40, who told police she's a prostitute, were arrested. Brandt pleaded no contest to possession of narcotics and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and three years' probation.

Willis was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and providing false information to police for using a fake name. He has not entered a plea in that case and he's due back in court next Tuesday when the cases will be consolidated. He will return to court again April 25 "when a judge will figure out what we're going to do with Mr. Willis," Pitt said.

A call to Willis' lawyer wasn't immediately returned.

He also has a prior drug conviction from about 15 years ago, Pitt said, which makes Willis ineligible for a drug treatment diversion program.

He left the Village People in 1979, according to the band's Web site.