Should U.S. Handle Immigration Like Mexico Does?

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," April 11, 2006, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: Hundreds of thousands are protesting a push to make illegal immigrants into criminals in the U.S. Congress, but in Mexico, even if you're legal, foreigners can't demonstrate like this. You can also be expelled for any reason without due process.

With 11 million illegals here, is it time to handle immigration like they do in Mexico: strict and tough? Joining us now is radio talk show host and author of the book "Twice Adopted," Michael Reagan.

So, Michael, how do they handle immigration in Mexico?

MICHAEL REAGAN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, you certainly do not want to be a Guatemalan and come across the southern border because you will be raped, pillaged and, in fact, you know, thrown back.

It is interesting that you have all these people coming out in America and demonstrating against America — who give more rights to illegals than legal immigrants have in the country of Mexico — yet nobody is in Mexico demonstrating against, you know, their government and corruption that, in fact, chases people out of the country.

You cannot hold office in Mexico if you're a legal immigrant there. You have to be a Mexican. You can even be a member of the clergy and, of course, as you said, you can't demonstrate either if you're an illegal immigrant or a legal immigrant in Mexico.

But yet nobody is saying anything about that. Instead, we are demonstrating against here in this country about, you know, the fact that we should legalize illegal aliens.

GIBSON: Michael, the illegals here are demanding changes in our laws so that they are treated better. If they were illegals in Mexico, how would they be treated?

REAGAN: They would be thrown out. I mean, in their own constitution, it's OK for people to make citizens' arrest, take them over to the gendarmes and have them thrown out of the country and thrown south back to the country of origin. Nobody ever talks about that.

You know, the other thing, John, is if I go to Mexico, nobody is going to give me health care; nobody is going to give me an education in English.

I mean, look at what happens to illegals here. They're demonstrating and angry at us. We educate them, we give them health care, all of these things.

And finally, they basically have busted the bank. Our infrastructure in Los Angeles, the infrastructure in these cities that are border cities has absolutely broken this country. The school system is broken. The health care system is absolutely broken. There are illegals in our jail system. That is breaking the banks here in California and other places in this country also.

And yet in Mexico, the fact is, you are thrown back. You would be lucky just to be thrown back because most are raped and pillaged. Women, girls coming across the border have to tie their breasts down so they don't look like a girl coming across the border because the gendarme down there, federales will grab and rape them. That's what goes on and that's the story that needs to be told.

GIBSON: Michael, why is Mexico such a basket case? Why can't it employ people in a way that they want to stay home?

REAGAN: Well, because you have got basically a corrupt government. It may not be Senor Vicente Fox, but everybody else in the government below him, the local governments, they are all on the payoff. If you want to do business there, you still have you to do it underneath the table. You have got the drug cartels running the border cities today.

And, so basically what's happening is you have got such a corrupt government, a corrupt country, it chases people north into the United States of America.

Somebody needs to stand up, and it would be nice to have it be this president, and say: Listen, Vicente Fox, your problem is you have a corrupt government. You have a great country, you have all the — you have agriculture, you have oil, you have gold, you have minerals, you have everything it takes to be a First World country, but yet you're a Third World country because of the corruption in your government. It is time to straighten out your government and keep your people home.

GIBSON: Michael Reagan, radio talk show host, author of the book "Twice Adopted." Michael, thanks a lot. Good to talk to you.

REAGAN: Thank you, John.

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