Hot Button Issue

For the third day in a row, our viewers chose immigration as the subject to go in depth on in the "Choose Your News" section.

It will be interesting to watch what, if anything, happens in Detroit, where several illegal immigrants lost their jobs at a meat packaging plant after going to an immigration reform rally instead of going to work. The company says they had no idea the workers were here illegally because an employment company does the hiring. Well, what will be done to the employment company for violating the laws? Probably nothing.

Here's a summary of what we're seeing in the thousands of e-mails you send. The majority of you write that you think the borders must be secured first. After that is done, you want to see immigration rules changed to allow more temporary workers and to allow those who are here illegally to earn the right to stay — although you are adamant that you do not want convicted felons being allowed to become American citizens (that was an amendment that Sen. Reid refused to add to the immigration bill). Finally, you write that you want employers to have access to a federal database where they could verify a person's legal status and you want stiff and ENFORCED laws punishing employers who hire illegal immigrants.

We've also received some very funny e-mails about women putting on makeup while driving. Yes, it is dangerous. Do not try this at home. I couldn't believe how many people see women applying toenail polish while driving! One wrote about how he followed his wife's car after she walked out of the house with her coffee, makeup, and curlers and watched as she drank coffee, applied the makeup and curled her hair on the way to work. Thank you for all the laughter you provided as we read these e-mails.

Thursday, we have a NASCAR great, the star from "Ice Age: The Meltdown," and… more news about illegal immigration.

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