Your Grrrs: April 11, 2006

Your Grrrs ... don't forget to play Spot the Oblivion.

Richard Taylor writes: You shouldn’t be allowed into any building, room or cubicle where serious journalism is taking place, with or without credentials. I wonder how seriously you would take this had the incident involved a representative of Latin decent. Probably would have had the same view, huh? That’s the sad part. You probably would have. Try to look beyond the rim of your 32 oz. mug of corporate “Kool-Aid." Sell out…

Michael B. writes: In any given conversation, the first person to bring up race is usually the racist!

Bill H. in Illinois: I couldn't agree more! Sooner or later, the professional "victims" in this country will realize that just because you try to change the subject by calling the cop a racist, we aren't going to forget about what you did. That smoke and mirrors trick has run its course. The problem with Cynthia McKinney is that she expected all of the respect, prestige and power that comes along with being elected to Congress, but she still doesn't feel the need to own up to her personal responsibility. It's easier to deflect and lie then stand up and be an adult when they make a mistake.

Donald G. writes: My Grrr is to the parents who are too lazy and trifling to take their child to school and then cause me to waste my time and gas while the little darlings shuffle to the bus. I live in a rural area and deal with this most mornings. They know which direction and what time the bus comes. The kids are either waiting inside the house for the bus to stop and have to go across the yard to the road or else mom has them sitting inside the car at the end of the driveway and they don’t even bother to get out of the car until the bus is stopped in front of them. Even worse is the spots where the bus stops in front of each house along the road even though the kids are within eyesight of each other. The buses are paid for by the taxpayers, and are a convenience for parents. The least they could do is have the kids ready, waiting at the side of the road, gathered in one central location, so as to limit the interference with my time. Also, a nice big “Thank you” note or sign on the school marquee would be nice on April 15! Grrrr! And a pox on your houses!

Deb in Maine: My GRRR ... ANYONE wearing spandex. WAY too much information.

Kim U. writes: Wanted to let you know you should try acupuncture for the seasonal allergies (and yes, the tissue issue is very gross and disgusting). I had a first-class case of grass allergy, so of course we moved to the grass capital of the world, Oregon. An associate recommended acupuncture since it got rid of his allergy. Being skeptical, but tired of feeling dopey from antihistamines, I tried it. And it worked!! Three one-hour sessions, plus some herbal medicine, and voila — I’m now sneeze-free for four years. It was 95 percent painless, I got to be in a quiet room for an hour away from everything and I don’t worry anymore about possibly throwing my back out from serial sneezing.

Lori R. writes: Hey Diana from last Your Grrrs: That's just the attitude that needs to be changed. So I stop in the aisle to look at something, sorry that I did not ask for your permission first! We all should slow down a little. Yes, I hate it too when someone stops in the doorway, charges on to an elevator without waiting for others to exit, etc., but I still am polite to them. Why make your own day a downer?!

Pam in N.C.: People who stop in front of doors are Obliviots. They are related to those who park their grocery carts in the middle of the aisle. But obliviots to the 10th degree are those Einsteins who stop at the bottom of an escalator. The worst offenders are those in airports who not only stop at the bottom of the escalator but who do so with luggage while the 20 other people behind them, also with luggage, start to pile on top of each other. I wish every one of these obliviots a cross-country flight in a center seat with screaming babies on both sides of them!

Brandi in N.C. writes: Mike, I have a big Grrr. A while back, a group of students at my school were protesting the presence of military recruiters on campus and trying to get signatures for their petition. The kicker is that they were having their protest right NEXT to a table set up for a student recruiter. Those students are incredibly rude to be situated there and also incredibly stupid for assuming that recruiters are some sort of evil force that has to be kicked off the campus. Last time I checked, people JOIN the military. They offer up their service for their country and their families. Too bad those protesters are more concerned with condemning people who seek honest citizens that want to serve for the United States and not with the fact that there are tons of other causes that they could be a part of. Grrr!

Brian C. in Hyde Park, Ma.: Mike, you have this column directly after my own heart. I ride public transportation in Boston. There are plenty of good passengers who are nice and polite. Let me give you a description of the people who are not nice, and not polite.

THE INVISIBLE RED-LIGHTERS: These are the people who stop dead in their tracks, either armed with a cell phone or just stopping dead in their tracks for no reason. It's as if an invisible red light made them stop. Usually a good throat clearing or standing there with a manure-eating grin behind them is enough for them to move.

THE BLOW-BY FAST LANERS: I am 6'4". Usually when I'm walking on the platform, people will walk at a good distance beside me. Then there are the people who are so flipping impatient, they have to fly right by me with no warning. If you can't wait to get to the train, and to a seat, show up a few minutes earlier!

THE DIRECTIONS ASSAULTER: Normally, if you come up to me in a polite, neutral, nice tone of voice, approach me from the front, etc. I will be glad to assist you. If you come at me from the sides, follow me while you're asking a question or inundate me with several follow-up questions, you get a very curt "I don't know" and I will likely walk away.

And the worst person of all...

CAN YOU HEAR ME ALL OVER THE RUSH HOUR NOISE DISCIPLES: Yes, these are the dandy souls who use their cell phones to carry on insipid conversations, usually using the "walkie talkie" feature. Cell phones are OK, but in the wrong hands they are obnoxious instruments.

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