Star Jones: Beauty, Wealth and Success Mean Little Without Faith

Star Jones Reynolds has urged members of a Somerset County church to realize the importance of faith in their lives.

"Beauty, wealth and success mean little if you have not developed a relationship with God," the 44-year-old co-host of ABC's daytime talk show "The View," said Sunday at the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset.

"I've learned that a relationship with God is achieved through solitude, meditation, prayer and soul-searching and — above all — patience."

Jones Reynolds also urged the congregation to "do some soul-searching and maximize their potential."

She signed copies of her book, "Shine: A Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Journey to Finding Love," for church members.

Jones Reynolds, who married banker Al Reynolds in a star-studded wedding in 2004, had a breast-lift procedure last month. She has had a dramatic weight loss in recent years.