Early Warning

I got a few angry e-mails about putting on a "Blue on Blue" debate on Friday.

That's where I put two Democrats on to debate the differences and the arguments among the lefties.

So Friday it was our own Bob Beckel, a Democratic strategist, and Maryscott O'Connor, who runs a far-left blog called myleftwing.com.

This always causes gasping among the independents, conservatives and Republicans: How dare you put on those Democrats and nobody to balance them? Where's the fair and balanced?

Look, I consider putting those two lefties on as a public service.

Call me John "Paul Revere" Gibson, riding my horse through the night shouting, "The blue coats are coming, the blue coats are coming!"

Maryscott O'Connor and her cohorts are the reason you hear all those Hollywood lefties spouting that crazy stuff about Bush. She is where they get it. They can't think on their own. They borrow somebody else's lines just like it was a sitcom or a movie. They're reading the script and Maryscott and a few other far lefties are the scriptwriters.

I'm trying to show you where all this anger on the left is coming from and what they intend to do if you let them win in November.

If independents, conservatives and Republicans lay down — as the polls now indicate they may be — the Dems are going to win back the House.

I asked Maryscott, "You think Bush should be impeached?" She said yes without any hesitation.

Then I turned to Beckel: "So you think that's bad for Democrats?" Oh no, this is good for the party. And if my ears did not deceive me, I think I heard sensible, moderate Beckel say he'd impeach Bush, too.

So what happens to the Democrat middle when it comes in contact with the far left? With a sincere pardon me to my friend Beckel, they cave, they give in, they join up. It's the moderate middle el foldo.

So it was a warning. This is what is going to happen if a swarm of angry Democrats get elected in November. The Beltway Dems are going to fold up and let the angry left run the show. The angry left is going to subpoena, hold hearings, issue censure resolutions and eventually impeach.

The left-wing blogs are where the anger is, and that anger is moving towards the middle.

Turn your head leftward, take a good, hard look and be afraid. Be very afraid.

That's My Word.

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