President Bush's approval ratings hit a series of new lows in an AP-Ipsos poll that also shows Republicans surrendering their advantage on national security — grim election-year news for a party struggling to stay in power.

Democratic leaders predicted they will seize control of one or both chambers of Congress in November. Republicans said they feared the worst unless the political landscape quickly changes.

"These numbers are scary. We've lost every advantage we've ever had," GOP pollster Tony Fabrizio said. "The good news is Democrats don't have much of a plan. The bad news is they may not need one." Read more.

With approval ratings hitting new lows, do YOU think there's Republican predicament?

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Here's what people in the news are saying:

"We're in an exceptionally challenging electoral environment. We start off on a battlefield today that is tilted in their direction, and that's when you have to use the advantages you have." — Rep. Tom Cole (R-OH)

"I think we will win the Congress." — Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean

"Everything is moving in our direction. If it keeps moving in our direction, it's very reasonable to say there will be a Democratic Senate and House." — Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Here's what FOX Fans are saying!

"I don't think the Republicans are beyond hope. If they play up their strengths — highlighting the economic upswing, securing our borders, and painting a better picture of Iraq — they could turn it around by November. Pointing out that the Democrats don't really stand shoulder-to-shoulder on any of these issues or have any kind of plan could also play to the GOP's hand. I think the GOP should beat some other drum besides national security, because they're starting to look like a one-trick-pony and they have more to offer." — Kris (Puyallup, WA)

"The GOP has lost a lot of ground. Most of the current bunch must be voted out, and so should most of the Democrats now in office. Nothing has been done to uphold private property rights and restrict eminent domain. The existing immigration laws must be enforced, the borders must be secured and absolutely no amnesty granted to illegals. Every senator and member of Congress who votes to weaken America and its sovereignty must be removed. These politicians need to be reminded that they work for us, and not the other way around." — Joe (Wasilla, AK)

"I am a registered Democrat who has lost all respect for the Democrat Party. Although I support President Bush and the war in Iraq, I do not support the immigration reform proposed by either party. I may disagree with some things in the Republican Party, but the alternative is too terrible to think about. The Democrats have no good ideas and are far too liberal for me. Any irritation or disagreement I have with the Republicans would only be far worse with a Democrat in power. I think President Bush has done a great job in so many areas with numerous disasters to handle. It is a shame that the media gives him little credit. I know we are very fortunate to have such a man in charge." — Pat (Iowa)

"Remember these are the same polls that said Kerry was winning, and the same polls that talk to both coasts, while treating the rest of us like fly-over country. Bush is doing a great job. The economy is hot, and if oil came down to reasonable levels, the Democrats would never get another seat in any house." — Martin

"Is there a Republican predicament? Yes! They're down in the polls because they don't know how to communicate intelligently with their constituency. Is there a Democratic predicament? Yes! They don't have a plan or a clue as to how to develop one." — Frank

"It isn't just a GOP predicament. It is an American predicament. There is an attitude problem in this country. Everyone is wrong about everything all the time. Our president, our Congress, our local governments, are all under constant criticism. We are divided among ethnic groups, religious groups, political groups, East Coast, West Coast — you name it! What happened to being an American and being proud of it? What happened to statesmen who represent us and the best of who we are as Americans?" — Tempe (Gold Beach, OR)

"The president's sagging poll numbers indicate two major issues. First, we as a society have very short memories. Secondly, this also shows the incredible power of the media, and how many in our society have turned their brains off and their televisions on." — Don (Midland, TX)

"Everybody in government has reached a new low with me. Who can see good in a pampered group of pompous country clubbers? These folks, all of them, Republican and Democrat, need to take a year off, to see and hear what ordinary citizens think about America. They need to stop thinking of their own personal positions as professional politicians. They sicken me, each and every one. President Bush, who is doing such a ‘lousy’ job with the economy by taking the unemployment rate down to 4.7 percent — the more good he does, the less everyone thinks of him." — Don (Gainesville, FL)

"The American people don't like one party to have too much power anymore. They see the disastrous and devastating results of the well-intentioned New Deal and Great Society programs, and how the Republicans have been spending like drunken sailors, it may be time for a change." — Wes (Leawood, KS)

"I am so torn. I wish there was a conservative party — on both fiscal and social issues. I am more socially and morally conservative. The bottom line is that, unless the Republicans change drastically on moral issues, I will stay with them. I feel that the liberal Democrats, secularists and atheists are so much worse than any Republican." — Martha (Ft. Worth, TX)

"The GOP is becoming the ‘Greatly Obsolete Party.’ The fiscal irresponsibility and a general abandonment of the principles of President Reagan and the Gingrich revolution have soured many conservatives on the Republican Party of today. To whom can one turn?"— Don

"No, the approval ratings do not show there is a Republican predicament. The low rating shows the largely left-leaning media has been successful in destroying an American president." — Sam (Memphis, TN)

"The Republican predicament is this: if Democrats retake control of both the House and Senate this November, there is a very good chance that President Bush will be impeached. In pulling down the Republican House, Bush is slowly shortening his days in the White House." — Kevin (Camp Darby, Italy)

"Yes, the GOP has a crisis! But it has nothing to do with the job President Bush is doing with the war on terror and everything to do with the irresponsibility of our congressmen and senators in both parties. They don’t take care of this country’s security, farmers, or children. Making money and getting re-elected occupies most of their time ‘at home’ rather than discussing issues with their friends and neighbors." — Amanda (Easley, SC)

"Ok, let's see. The economy is growing, jobs are up and unemployment is at 4.7 percent. Interest rates are fair, and taxes are lower for most of us. Iraq has struggles and needs to be dealt with and it is. Iran is a problem but they have 130,000 American troops right next door. Illegal immigration, social security and healthcare are leftover problems from the do-nothing Clinton years. At least this president has the guts to try and tackle them. He's had to fight Democrats who would betray their own country to see him fail and a media that won’t cut him any slack, and won’t give him any credit for doing anything good!" — John (Maryland)

"We should call this ‘Talking Heads SOS.’ The media is bored with itself and is lacking in relevant and honest news reporting. Voting Americans are watching regional match-ups for Congress, and will make their real opinions known at the voting booths, not in opinion polls beforehand." — John (Deltona, FL)

"This poll thing is unreliable and biased. I'm an avid Bush supporter and I’ve never been polled. There are millions like me out there and we're still going to vote Republican no matter what. So, enough of these polls that tell nothing! The Republicans are still poised to add to their majority this coming midterm election." — Jade (Arizona)

"The GOP is now frightened that it will lose in November? Well, what do they expect after stiffing this country with hundreds and hundreds of billions in debt? They can't control Iraq, they can't control the deficit, and they can't stop getting indicted. I fully expect the GOP to try to save themselves by making the gay marriage and flag-burning amendments the centerpieces of their November campaign." — Alexis (Hobbs, NM)

"For what the president has been through, and the decisions he has had to make, his approval ratings are not surprising." — J (Texas)

"President Bush's invasion of Iraq will be the main cause of his failed presidency, just as Vietnam destroyed Lyndon Johnson’s presidency." — Randy (Kenner, LA)

"I lost my respect for the GOP when they exploited Terri Schiavo, a dying woman, for their own political gain. That was the most disgusting act of political appropriation I've ever seen. Since then, we've lost a city, Abramoff has corrupted Congress, the war has deteriorated, and Scooter Libby and Karl Rove have decided that national security is just a little game for them to play with. I don't care what the other crowd is preaching. Anything is better than this!" — Klaudia (Talladega, AL)

"The GOP has lost its way and this will, regrettably, open a huge door for the Democrats to take power. They do not need a plan or ideas, because the Republican Party is simply handing the reigns of our nation over to them. The Republicans have forgotten why we elected them to office. Stop spending money like drunken sailors! Stop this amnesty nonsense for people who enter this country in violation of our laws! Secure our borders, get a check on out of control gas prices, get a handle on the ethical issues that plague both parties, grow a backbone in dealing with the opposition, and stop dancing around with Korea and Iran!" — James (Luray, VA)

"While the president's ratings are low, Congress' ratings are even lower. I think there are several reasons for the low numbers. Most people are clueless about what is really happening. I wouldn't trust any survey of people without seeing how the questions were worded, how the respondents were selected, and whether the people were asked some simple questions about their knowledge on the subject for which they are being surveyed. Case in point: many people think the economy is not doing well. In fact, it is very good with low unemployment, good growth and low inflation. I think people equate high gasoline prices with a bad economy, even though they are unrelated. If the GOP is in trouble, the Democrats must really be in the pits. They haven't had a good idea since the Great Depression." — Bob (Fallbrook, CA)