Right Man for the Job?

OK, John Corbett is not only a lead actor — some would say "hunk" — but he's also a stellar musician. Even though I am not a big country fan, I can appreciate good music and I think that's what we heard to close the show on Thursday.

What was somewhat surprising is that Corbett came to the show two hours early and with a mighty appetite. The guy ate two Danish, Steve's yogurt and my yogurt — but he did it with a smile, so we will not press charges. Bo Derek personally warned me that I must be nice to him last week, so I think I owed it to her to make his stay rewarding.

The show was packed with Rep. McKinney talk, as we looked back at the interview that I almost had on Wednesday. I say "almost" because the representative did not answer one of my questions. I know I was talking — in playback I saw my lips move. I find the whole thing strange, because usually someone who does not want to talk does not book herself on every morning show on the planet. How can a successful politician be so naive? Well, she changed her tune in the afternoon, offering an apology to Capitol Hill police. Let's see where we go from here.

It was distressing that we did not get to Iraq this morning, but you chose McKinney in the "Choose the News," voting segment. I think the capture of this Zarqawi deputy will pay off big time and isn't it interesting that he was also involved with Saddam's intelligence wing? As for the political process, right now al-Jaafari is holding up all the dealings, because he will not vacate his post despite a big push internally and externally. If it wasn't for his lack of leadership and vision and oratory skill, he'd be perfect for the post.

We have a great show slated for Friday and you can be sure we'll provide insider political talk and more. Thanks for keeping us No. 1 and, if you are looking for a unique sports book with a special message for coaches, players and parents, consider "The Games Do Count" available at www.briankilmeade.com.


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