God or the Girl

Editor's note: Father Jonathan will appear on "FOX News Live" Wednesday, April 5 at 2:45 p.m. ET.

"God or the Girl" is the name of the show, and with its scheduled debut on Easter Sunday, April 16, it becomes official; reality TV has now tapped into and warped every sector of society. According to the producers, it's the personal drama of four young men who, like me, batted back and forth the idea that God might be worth that much, to give up a girl for God.

Because I know a little bit about TV, I cringe at what the show might show — reality. Not all of it, just a weird slice of it, in all of its abnormality.

TV is entertainment. It doesn't work if it doesn't entertain. In fact, unless it promises to grip us at every moment, it won't even make the airways. So what could be entertaining about "God or the Girl?" Perhaps it will tap into the universal American experience: serious consideration of the Catholic priesthood as an option for noble young men. A universal experience with pulling power? Hardly. Or maybe it will educate the public about the personal experience of a loving God who calls someone to give up everything, even good things like a loving and intimate relationship, a wife and family, or a tantalizing career, to follow Him with an undivided heart.

No. Education alone is not entertainment.

So what would entertain us? Weirdness. That's my guess. I could be wrong. But in case my hunch is right, I want to let you into a window of my own soul, another slice of reality. What made me decide? But do you really want to hear it? It's a love story of sorts and I don't know if this is the venue. So let me know, and if you give me the go, I'll post my own version of "God or the Girl" on a special "Thursday edition" of this blog.

I'm in New York today for some meetings. It's great to be with my co-workers from FOX News. It's a big family.

I'll be on with Martha MacCallum today at 2:45 p.m. ET to continue our discussion on immigration reform. The topic is still blistering hot, but I've noticed a slight shift toward honesty on the part of both sides of the debate. Listen in if you have the chance. And I'll look forward to your constructive criticism.

God bless, Father Jonathan

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