March 2006

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Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy
Author: Bruce Bartlett
In this sober, thorough, and devastating book, Bartlett attacks the Bush Administration's economic performance root and branch, from the "stovepiping" of its policy process to the tactics used to ram its policies through Congress, to the effects of the policies themselves.
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Masters of Chaos: The Secret History of the Special Forces
Author: Linda Robinson
More Special Forces were deployed in Iraq than in any previous conflict, and “Masters of Chaos” recounts in detail their untold missions in the north against Ansar al-Islam and the dramatic race to secure the western desert with a handful of men aboard the "war pigs."
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The Big Empty: Dialogues on Politics, Sex, God, Boxing, Morality, Myth, Poker and Bad Conscience in America
Author: Norman Mailer, John Mailer
In this series of conversations, John Buffalo Mailer, 27, poses a series of questions to his father, challenging the reflections and insights of the man who has dominated and defined much of American letters for the past sixty years.
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Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized, and Dismissed
Author: Annabelle Gurwitch
This book is a collection of hilarious but true tales from people who've all gotten the ax, the boot, or been canned at some point in their lives. With an all-star cast from Tim Allen to Morgan Spurlock, from Anne Meara to David Cross, and contributions from people from all over the country, this book proves it's not the bounce that counts, it's the bounce back.
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YOU: The Owner's Manual : An Insider's Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger
Author: Michael Roizen
This is a nuts-and-bolts guide to your body and its component parts and processes. Each chapter is devoted to an integral part of the body and tells its story, from the industrious heart all the way to the smallest bones in your ear.
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